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Below is the list of high school girl’s varsity basketball games in our coverage area for Thursday, December 5, 2019, and Friday, December 6th, 2019.

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Burlingame def. Cornerstone 42-35

Baxter Springs def. Liberal, MO 57-18

Crest def. Southern Coffey County 47-45

Waverly def. Cair Paravel 51-35
– Waverly senior Megan Foster 16 points, junior Sara McWilliams, junior Macy Fairchild 11 points



Anderson County def. Iola 54-37

Attica def. Central-Burden 44-18

Burlingame def. Cair Paravel 44-25

Caldwell def. South Barber 40-31

Columbus def. Colgan 49-43

Waverly def. Cornerstone 51-40

Saint Paul def. Galena 46-31

Girard def. Parsons 46-12

Hartford def. Altoona-Midway 55-15

Eureka def. Humboldt 51-27

Independence def. Caney Valley 30-25

Clearwater def. LCHS 49-37

Fairfield def. Oxford 36-25

Lebo def. Flinthills 56-35

Pleasanton def. Madison 40-31

Lyndon def. Marais des Cygnes Valley 45-7

Uniontown def. Marmaton Valley 33-29

Fredonia def. Neodesha 42-28

Liberal, MO def. Northeast 49-41

Oswego def. Southeast 38-34

Frontenac def. Prairie View 65-18

Cherryvale def. Riverton 53-30

Olpe def. St. Mary’s 64-43

Sedan def. Chetopa 50-21

South Haven def. Udall 63-24

Fort Scott @ Willard Tournament