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The Lyon County League announced its 2019 All-LCL League Football offensive, defensive and special 1st and 2nd teams as well as Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations to the following players for being recognized for their accomplishments in football this past year.


OL – Sebastian Bolinger, senior Madison
OL – Christian Decker, senior Waverly
OL – Isaac Miser, junior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
OL – Kristian Trujillo, junior Hartford
TE – Drew Stutesman, sophomore Madison
RB – Hunter Engle, junior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
RB – Colton Fife, senior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
RB – Shayden Sull, sophomore Hartford
QB – Devan McEwan, junior Lebo (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
WR – Kyle Reese, sophomore Lebo
K – Chase Harrison, junior Madison
RETURNER – Colton Fife, senior Madison
FLEX – Damian Foster, sophomore Waverly
FLEX – Nasun Wasson, senior Madison


DL – Zach Skillman, junior Waverly
DE – Hunter Engle, junior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
DE – Chase Harrison, junior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
DE – Kaden Ott, senior Lebo
LB – Christian Decker, senior Waverly
LB – Issac Miser, junior Madison
LB – Drew Stutesman, sophomore Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
LB – Koby Vanderpool, senior Marais des Cygnes Valley (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
DB – Colton Fife, senior Madison (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
DB – Devan McEwen, junior Lebo (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)
DB – Ryan Wolgram, junior Madison
PUNTER – Kyle Reese, sophomore Lebo (UNANIMOUS SELECTION)


OL – Kaden Ott, senior Lebo
OL – Zach Skillman, junior Waverly
OL – Tyler Struck, sophomore Hartford
OL – Gavin Williams, junior Burlingame
TE – Jerome Ferguson, junior Lebo
TE – Chase Harrison, junior Madison
RB – Andrew Bailey, junior Lebo
RB – Cooper Harred, senior Southern Coffey County
RB – Michael Lehmann, junior Waverly
QB – Ryan Wolgram, junior Madisonn
WR – Garrett Robison, junior Burlingame
K – Kyle Reese, sophomore Kyle Reese
RETURNER – Devan McEwen, junior Lebo
RETURNER – Garrett Robison, junior Burlingame
FLEX – Koby Vanderpool, senior Marais des Cygnes Valley


DL – John Reese, senior Lebo
DL – Kristian Trujillo, junior Hartford
DE – Jerome Ferguson, junior Lebo
DE – Aiden Goodman, sophomore Hartford
DE – Ty Pope, senior Waverly
LB – Andrew Bailey, junior Lebo
LB – Damian Foster, sophomore Waverly
LB – Cooper Harred, senior Southern Coffey County
LB – Kade Kline, senior Burlingame
LB – Kyle Reese, sophomore Lebo
DB – Kris Hovestadt, sophomore Burlingame
DB – Shayden Sull, sophomore Hartford
DB – Nasun Wassun, senior Madison
P – Casey Helm, sophomore Madison


OL – Trever Quaney, sophomore Burlingame
QB – Cole Lacey, sophomore Marais des Cygne Valley
WR – Luke Davies, freshman Lebo
FLEX – Aiden Goodman, sophomore Hartford


DB – Brome Rayburn, junior Madison
DB – Aiden Voorhees, sophomore Southern Coffey County
DB – Blake Wilson, sophomore Waverly

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