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The South Central Border League announced its 2019 All-SCBL Football offensive, defensive and special 1st teams as well as Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations to the following players for being recognized for their accomplishments in football this past year.

First Team Offense:
Tayte Halderman- QB- Sedan- Senior
Nic Moreno- RB- West Elk- Senior
Brogan Meyers- RB- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Junior
Caleb Noyes- QB- Caldwell- Senior
Clayton Henderson- QB- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Trey Strnad- TE- Caldwell- Junior
Devin Catlin- WR- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Dameion Hatten- TE- Sedan- Sophomore
Colton Potter- OL- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Arik Artherton- OL- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Caleb Walker- OL- West Elk- West Elk- Senior
Hunter Norland- OL- Oxford- Senior

Honorable Mention Offense:
Zarek Wilson- RB- Central- Junior
Kedryn Morse- QB-WR- Flinthills- Senior
Alan Garton- RB- Udall- Senior
Cooper Wolf- QB- South Haven- Junior
Marshall Ward- OL- Caldwell- Senior
Jude Stow- RB- Caldwell- Junior
Devin Loudermilk- QB- West Elk- Junior
Lane Toon- TE- Central- Senior

First Team Defense:
Dru Volavka- DB- Caldwell- Junior
Caleb Noyes- DB- Caldwell- Senior
Devin Loudermilk- DB- West Elk- Junior
Tayte Halderman- LB- Sedan- Senior
Arik Artherton- LB- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Nic Moreno- LB- West Elk- Senior
Jude Stow- LB- Caldwell- Junior
Isaac Patteson- LB- Udall- Senior
Noah Phillips- DE- Argonia- Junior
Colton Potter- DL- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Dylan Bishop- DL- Udall- Junior
Trey Strnad- DE- Caldwell- Junior

Honorable Mention Defense:
Devin Catlin- DB- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Colton Jordan- DL- Oxford- Senior
Ty Carter- DE- Oxford- Senior
Caleb Walker- DL- West Elk- Senior
Lane Toon- LB- Central- Senior
Cooper Wolf- DB- South Haven- Junior
Slade Wiley- DE- South Haven- Senior
Dameion Hatten- DB- Sedan- Sophomore
Jared Roggow-Harter- DE- Sedan- Junior

First Team Special Teams:
Trevor Whiteman- Kicker- Udall- Senior
Devin Catlin- Punter- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Senior
Si Killman- Long Snapper- Cedar Vale/Dexter- Junior

Honorable Mention Special Teams:
Andrew Hills- Special Teams Player- Oxford- Senior