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Three Rivers League 8-M announced its 2019 All-League Football 1st teams as well as honorable mention.

Congratulations to the following players for being recognized for their accomplishments in football this past year.


QB – Adam Albertini, senior St. Paul
TE – Chase Bradshaw, senior St. Paul
TE – Lance Teal, junior Oswego
WR – Tyson Hermreck, junior Crest
RB – East Dent, senior St. Paul
RB – Jace Wilson, senior Oswego
RB – Stratton McGhee, junior Crest
OL – Chris Goddard, senior Oswego
OL – Wilson Smith, junior St. Paul
OL – Mayson Mills, junior Oswego
Special Teams – Adam Albertini, senior St. Paul
K – Ivan Murrillo, junior St. Paul
P – Wyatt Vanatta, junior Chetopa


DL – Wilson Smith, junior St. Paul
DL – Mayson Mills, junior Oswego
DL – Trevor Kennington, junior Crest
DL – Bo Knavel, junior Marmaton Valley
LB – Easton Dent, senior St. Paul
LB – Zach Beckmon, senior Crest
LB – Will Lowder,  Marmaton Valley
DB – Adam Albertini, senior St. Paul
DB – Jace Wilson,  senior Oswego
DB – Stratton McGhee, junior Crest


QB – Jacquez Coleman, Crest
TE – Ivan Murillo, St. Paul
TE – Colin Dudley, Marmaton Valley
WR – Chandler Bradshaw, St. Paul
RB – Zach Backmon, Crest
RB – Quincy Adam, Marmaton Valley
RB – Wes Lowder, Marmaton Valley
OL – Ethan Stoneking, St. Paul
OL – Greg Hardwick, Crest
Special Teams – Jace Wilson, Oswego
K – Chris Goddard, Oswego
P – Issac Elliott, Oswego


LB – Chase Bradshaw, St. Paul
LB – Ethan Sinclair, Oswego
LB – Isaac Elliott, Oswego
DB – Chandler Bradshaw, St. Paul
DB – Lane Teal, Oswego
DB – Josh Meigs, Altoona