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101 Weight Class

Amanda Newcomb (Osawatomie HS) – She was awarded a first-round bye to begin the tournament. She defeated Mana Chanthansone by a 9-4 decision. Newcomb defeated Breckyn Elliot via pinfall at 5:12 in the semi-finals. In the championship round, Newcomb defeated Concordia HS’s Kassidy Leiszler to become the first-ever 101 Champion in KSHSAA Girls Wrestling. Newcomb becomes the first State Champion for Osawatomie in 29 years.

109 Weight Class

Addison Saporito (Columbus HS) – Saporito lost her first match in a fall to Sarah Zimmerman at :24. Saporito had a bye in the next round of the consolation side but would fall to Martinez of Holcomb in overtime by a score of 5-7.

Alexis Allen (Independence HS) – Allen was awarded the first-round bye with her 28-0 record. She advanced to the semi-finals with a 6-2 decision over Skyleigh Pflaster. Allen defeated Isabell Ortiz in the semi-finals by a 7-4 decision. Allen became the first-ever 109 Girls Wrestling Champion with a pinfall at 4:42 over Wellington’s Annalisa Cullens.

M.J. Huff (Burlington HS) – Huff lost her opening round to Holcomb’s Amilia Martinez in the first round by 9-3 decision and lost to Sarah Zimmerman of Hays in a fall at the time of 1:54.

Nicole Montojo (Fort Scott HS) – Montojo lost in her opening round match up to Skyleigh Pflaster by fall at 1:25. Montojo had a bye in the second round before losing to Jaiden Taggart of Topeka.

116 Weight Class

E’owynn Codney (Burlington HS) – Codney was awarded a first-round bye but had her tournament cut short after she lost her first match of the day due to an injury in the 1-minute mark.

123 Weight Class

Reanna Ross (Erie HS) – Ross lost her opening round match-up via pinfall in a time of 5:26. With a bye in the consolation, she would square off against Destiny Avila. Ross’s State tournament came to an end at the :44 mark when she suffered an injury.

136 Weight Class

Gianna Culbert (Burlingame HS) – Culbert began her day with a win over Tally Wikum with a fall in 1:26. Culbert advanced to the semi-finals with a fall over Cheyenne Blackwood of Valley Center with a fall in 1:26. Culbert fell to undefeated, and eventual State Champion, Sara Lake via pinfall at 5:41. Culbert finished 3rd with a 4-0 decision over Cassidy Anderson of Caney Valley

Cassidy Anderson (Caney Valley HS) – Anderson began her day with a bye in the opening round. In her first match, she defeated Cakia Tucker-Dunbar with a fall at 1:26. Anderson lost to Xara Bacci in the semi-finals with a narrow 3-4 decision. Anderson lost to Gianna Culbert of Burlingame in a 0-4 decision in the 3rd place match.

143 Weight Class

Abbie Jones (Labette County) – Jones opened her State appearance with a bye and defeated fellow SEK League member Hannah Vann via a 12-11 decision. Jones was defeated Kammie Schanz of Mulvane in the semi-finals round by a 2-6 decision. In the 3rd place match, Jones took the win via pinfall at 3:59 over Olivia Crutchley.

Hannah Vann (Fort Scott) – Vann won her opening round against Autumn Perez with a pinfall at 2:53. Vann was defeated by Labette County’s Jones in a 11-12 decision. Vann was defeated by Sydney Boyle of Wichita via pinfall at 4:26.

Cheyenne Harris (Humboldt) – Harris started her day with a win over Sydney Boyle via pinfall at 3:37. Harris lost her quarter-final match to Olivia Crutchley, who had a 1st round bye, via fall at 2:42. Harris lost to Autumn Perez by a 5-4 decision in the consolation round.

155 Weight Class

Alexis Rusk (Fort Scott) – Rusk earned a first-round bye to start the day, but lost to Briana Perez via pinfall at 5:55. In her next match, Rusk picked up a victory with a pinfall at 1:18 over Madison D’Urso. Ruck’s day came to a close after losing to Bailey Sanders via pinfall at 1:18 in the Consolation Round.

Copenhagen Browning (Prairie View) – Browning lost her opening round match via pinfall at 2:13. Browning had a bye in the consolation round and advanced via injury with her opponent not able to compete. Browning defeated Holli Giddings of McPherson by a 4-1 decision, but she lost her next match to Briana Perez via pinfall at 2:39. Browning placed 6th with a loss to Halley Robinett via pinfall at 3:45.

170 Weight Class

Kylee Eastwood (Prairie View) – Eastwood and her opponent, Lyndsey Buechman, both advanced with a Bye in the first round, however, Eastwood lost via pinfall at 1:06. In her next match, Eastwood defeated her opponent via pinfall at 4:15. Eastwood’s day finished with a loss to Grace Timmons via pinfall at 2:51.

Abriel Lisk (Osawatomie) – Lisk began her day with a buy, but lost her match against Mandy Wilson by a 1-2 decision. Lisk picked up her first win against Vivian Strahm via pinfall at 4:54. Lisk’s day was brought to a close with a loss to Kianna Skinner by a 0-6 decision.

191 Weight Class

Bryleigh Isch (Burlington) – Isch won her first match via pinfall over Payton Sholander at 3:42. Isch lost her next match via pinfall at 3:20 and advanced with a pinfall over Madison Skytte of McPherson at 2:11. Isch’s day was brought to a close with a pinfall from Holly Colvert at 2:58.

235 Weight Class

Alexa Folsom (Osawatomie) – Alexa Folsom won her first match by major decision, 15-4, over Kimberly Vazquez. Folsom was defeated via pinfall over Maddie Miller at 3:26. Folsom’s day was brought to a close when she lost to Megan Olson of Emporia via pinfall at 4:05.