The Chanute Blue Comets’ soccer team hosted the Fort Scott Tigers on Thursday. Chanute took the 2-0 win behind two goals from the “Golden Boot” Jacob Adams. 


Both teams played competitive despite the harsh elements. They played in up to 18 mph winds and temperatures that felt like low 40s.


The elements didn’t keep Adams from scoring 23 minutes into the contest to put Chanute up 1-0. The Blue Comets kept the 1-0 lead through halftime and then Adams talked on another in the 52nd minute of the contest.


It’s safe to say that the Comets looked poor in their victory over Columbus on Tuesday, but they really seemed to clean up some of what made that performance much much less than perfect.


“Tuesday’s game we won 3-0 and I felt like garbage. Today we won 2-0 and I feel much better. A lot better. It was just ideas stuff. We were working the sides a little bit and the middle would open up, so we put it there,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said, “Our defenders were jumping balls a little bit, when they we them being cleared. Our outside defenders, were pushing upwards. Ramsey and Grayson [Burchett] were pushed up into the attacking third and playing great balls. There was more hustle, there was more passion in todays game than there has been. Another clean sheet. Defense played really well. They had some decent looking looks. But we really didn’t give them easy stuff.”


This win moves the Comets to 8-2-1 record on the season. In their inaugural season, the Comets only went 7-7-2. Chanute’s next game will be in the Coffeyville tournament on Saturday against these same Fort Scott Tigers.