Hello Sek-Sports.com Fans,

My name is Harry Hester and I have been the owner of sek-sports.com for the last 10 years. This announcement was supposed to have taken place at the beginning of spring sports shortly after I resigned from the position of head football coach at Cherryvale High School. With the delay and uncertainty of high school sports I have delayed that announcement until today.

When I purchased the site from Danny Looney it was going to go away, I hated to see that as Danny had built it into a wonderful place to promote SEK student athletes in the most positive ways. I announced the new ownership but chose to remain anonymous due to my position at Cherryvale. I did not want people to think I was biased to our team, school or league.

I have tried to run this several different ways with help from a few people and transition it to my vision. I would like to thank the numerous people who have contributed to the sustained interest in the site, whether through the message boards, Twitter, Facebook or contributing to content on the website, but would hate to leave someone out as they are numerous.

Our mission will always be to promote the student athletes of Southeast Kansas. As a parent, coach and spending most of my life, outside of our 5 years at Mclouth, in Southeast Kansas I have an appreciation for the communities, the individual schools, the rivalries and the great student athletes we have produced and continue to produce. Sek-sports will look to celebrate and promote our kids to get them the exposure they deserve.

As we go forward we will make some changes to enhance the site and I look forward to serving the student-athletes, communities, schools, coaches and parents of Southeast Kansas. I am excited for this new chapter in my life and to finally announce my ownership of the site. Some people have known that I was the owner but now the adventure really begins,

Please stay tuned as we begin to get geared up for the 2020-21 sports seasons.

It’s a great day in the SEK