The Field Kindley Golden Tornadoes, traveled to Blue Comet territory on Thursday, gaining a 3-1 win over Chanute. Field Kindley was led by Tate Thornburg’s 2 goals.

The Golden Tornadoes kicked the game off with a quick score in the 8th minute, after and odd bounce off of Chanute goalkeeper, Chandler Finuf. Then Thornburg would strike in his first goal in the 35th minute putting Field Kindley up 2-0. However the Blue Comets would keep it close, with Jay Brown tacking on the lone goal for Chanute in the 36th minute. From this point the scoring would slow but, the physicality would pick up. Both teams were desperately fighting for another score. In the 62nd minute, Chanute’s Adrian Beccanon would get a yellow card for tripping. These two teams would continue their frantic fight for another goal, and eventually Thornburg would tack on another Golden Tornado goal to put them up 3-1.

“We looked really really good today. I mean, this is what people were talking at the beginning of the season, how are you going to be. In the beginning we didn’t play well but we played poor teams. Tonight we played really well and played a really good team. They’re the second team in the state right now on Maxpreps and we played them pretty even the whole time, We gave away two goals in the first half that I think that Chandler, those are easy saves for him. That one was a deflection off of him that trickled in the other got finished up.” Besides the loss, Chanute coach, Adam Wilcox was very impressed with his team. Specifically including Peyton Babcock, who, approximately an hour before he got to the Chanute Sports Complex, ran a cross country race.

“Peyton Babcock had a wildly impressive day. He ran a cross country race and then came out here and played basically from the time he got here until the last five when I needed to just, make a tactical change. He came out here and played maybe an hour after running cross. I’ve done that personally. That is so hard. It’s so impressive that he was able to come out and play as hard as he did after a cross country race. It’s hard to tell people who haven’t done it, how hard that is.” Coach Wilcox had to add about Babcock’s extraordinary night.

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