We’ve come to our final stop of our “Battle of the Fields” tour for our site. Before we do, let’s recap 3RL 8-Man edition, Lyon County League and Pioneer League results.

Three River’s League 8-Man Results

Lyon County League Results

Pioneer League Results


If you look back on the last update, Olpe was 4th in our polling at the time of update and then BAM! Eagles fans. Everywhere. Showed up in support of their team. Again, this is all for fun and time to pass the off-season. Hopefully you’re enjoying this tour as much as we are.

We finish our tour in the SCBL. We have covered Sedan and West Elk in the prior 2 years. We felt now was the time to embrace “the more the merrier” of the SCBL.

Thank you to Kenny Elrod for making the trip to as many of the 59 schools as possible. Unfortunately, there were some that were not included. Thank you to head coach K.B. Kriss of Cedar Vale-Dexter and Mrs. Michal Austin of Flinthills for providing the last photos we needed.

The question is simple: which of the South Central Border League stadiums do you enjoy watching a game of high school football from? The poll is at the bottom of the article. Please be sure to share, tag, tweet, e-mail this article to your friends, family, coaches and former players.

1. Caldwell

2. Cedar Vale-Dexter

Cedar Vale


3. Central-Burden

4. Flinthills

5. Oxford

6. Sedan

7. South Haven

8. Udall

9. West Elk