No doubt about it, Tri-Valley fans love their rivalry and their stadiums. Over 11,000 votes were cast and one stadium rose above the rest, slightly.

Caney Valley took the top votes with 46% of the total votes while Humboldt finished 2nd with 42% of the vote. Neodesha’s stadium finished 3rd with 10%. Although in the eyes of the media there may not be any better press box than the facilities and crew at Neodesha.

This week we move on to the 11 Man side of the Three Rivers League. We will cover the 8-Man side of the Three Rivers League early next week to start some 8 Man facility tours.

Once again thank you to Kenny Elrod for making the trip and gathering the pictures for us to pass the time until kick off.

1. Jayhawk-Linn






2. Northeast-Arma





3. Pleasanton






4. Southeast-Cherokee






5. Uniontown






6. Yates Center


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