Wow wow wow…good to see the rivalry in the Three Rivers League is alive and well between 2 schools.

Blu Jay Nation showed up in full force with 56% of the votes while Uniontown was 2nd with 42% of the votes.

Yes, it was brought to my attention that there may have been someone (or ones) voting over and over and over and thus making it not a legit poll.

I counter that with we have 40 days until kick-off. Let’s have some fun. Besides, it’s fun to have bragging rights for a year. Maybe next year we can find a sponsor and we could hand out plaques each year….now there’s an idea!

Truthfully it would require people to have a Google account and log in and vote and limiting it that way to just one. We just want to have some active participation and fun while we wait to get to some serious stuff. But we will definitely consider and alternative for next year.

For the next few days we move on to the 8 Man side of the Three Rivers League.

Once again thank you to Kenny Elrod for making the trip and gathering the pictures for us to pass the time until kick off.

1. Altoona-Midway

2. Chetopa

3. Colony-Crest

4. Marmaton Valley

5. Oswego

6. St. Paul