The Caney Valley Lady Bullpups Girls Wrestling team found themselves at the number 5 spot in the New Years Eve rankings from the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association. The Labette County, Fort Scott, and Osawatomie Girls Wrestling teams all found themselves falling in line to Caney Valley at the 6th, 7th, and 8th spot respectively.

Below is the full list of coverage area teams who had student-athletes place in the top 6.

Paraentheis indicate movement up, down, no change (NC), or previously not ranked (NR) from last week’s rankings

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101 – 4. Labette County sophomore Chloe Gile (NC)
109 – 1. Osawatomie senior Amanda Newcomb (NC)
136 – 2. Burlingame sophomore Gianna Culbert (NC)
136 – 4. Caney Valley senior Cassidy Anderson (NC)
143 – 1. Labette County senior Abbie Jones (NC)
143 – 4. Fort Scott senior Hannah Vann (NC)
143 – 6. Humboldt senior Cheyenne Harris (NC)
155 – 3. Fort Scott senior Alexis Rusk (NC)
155 – 4. Erie senior Katie Rounds (NC)
170 – 6. Osawatomie junior Abriel Lisk (NR)
191 – 4. Fort Scott sophomore Laurin Thompson (NC)
235 – 1. Caney Valley senior Grace Pinkerton (NC)