The Blue Comet soccer team met up against the Independence Bulldogs for the first game of the 2019 season. The two teams ended the game in a 1-1 draw after two overtime periods.


Neither team could gain any success to start this one off. Chanute struggled to keep the ball in their possession, but luckily for Comets fans Chanute’s goalkeeper Chandler Finuf made amazing saves left and right.


“I mean that’s just chandler being chandler. He’s going to save everything he should and he’s going to make two or three saves that you don’t think he’s going to make,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said.


After halftime business began to pick up. A little less than five minutes into the second half, the Bulldogs’ Anthony Medrano finally managed to get a ball past Finuf. The Comets would continue to struggle until, with less than two minutes left in regulation, Jacob Adams made a head goal to tie up the game.


“When I went for that header, it just went blank, until I opened my eyes and it was in the goal,” Adams said.


The clock would run down with the game still tied. Ultimately after both sides played two hard-fought overtime periods, the game would come to a close still tied 1-1.


“I saw our ceiling. At first we definitely played to the level of our opponent, whenever you play an Indy team, you’re always going to see solid fundamentals and solid movement up and down the field, but we’re the more talented team,” Chanutes Assistant Coach Michael Villarreal said, “When we realize that and the potential that we have. I mean, this is SEK 101 right here that you saw, these are the type of people that we are going to have to battle for this title. We came out with a draw, with a clutch goal and just an amazing defense in overtime.”