The rubber match between the soccer clubs of Fort Scott and Chanute took place on Thursday. On Fort Scott’s home field, Chanute ended up with a 2-1 double overtime victory. The first time these teams played was on Comet turf, where Chanute won 6-1 behind Jacob Adams’s hat trick. Then, on Saturday during the Coffeyville tournament Fort Scott was able to grab a 3-1 win over this Blue Comet team.

“Our first game we played Fort Scott and we played it bad. We beat Fort Scott last time 6-1 and we came out thinking we were going to beat them 6-1 again. That’s probably on me, I should have had them focus better, but we gave up two goals in the first half. We came up got a quick goal in the second half and we gave up a PK so we lost 3-1.” Coach Adam Wilcox on the events of Saturday.

Fort Scott was able to get their lone goal in the 12th minute of the game. After that, Comet goalkeeper, Chandler Finuf was able to shut Fort Scott down for the rest of the game. The first Chanute goal, was in the 35th minute when Adams was able to knock one in. Chanute looked great in the first half. They were passing around, creating opportunities but, unfortunately they could not cash in on those.

“Our first half was really really good. We passed the ball around, between our mids, up to our forwards and then what we haven’t had all season is our forwards then dropping it back to our mids and even back to our defenders to just reset and setup. We have just been push, push, push chance on goal. Today was like push up, see nothing was there, go back, work it around, and go from a different angle” Coach Wilcox on his team’s 1st half play.

The 2nd half though scoreless, was still very action packed. Both teams were creating offense but, both teams were playing lock down defense. The game was still 1-1 at the end of regulation. The first of the 10 minute overtimes was scoreless. Then at the last second of the second overtime, Vittorio Kwek was able to get the ball in the back of the net, to give Chanute the 2-1 win.

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