The Riverton Rams hosted the Blue Comets on Thursday night. It was a low scoring match as the teams tied at 0-0 after two overtimes.

The Comets played lockdown defense and had no trouble creating on offense. Their problem was getting the ball past Riverton goalkeeper, Ethan Coleman. Outside of Coleman, the Rams seemed to have a hard time breaking Chanute’s back four. Even if they could get passed Chanute’s stellar blockade, goalkeeper, Chandler Finuf would clean up after his teammates.

“Every game you need your goalie to step up and save two or three balls, he had to make one foot save. We had one or two  breakdowns on the pack but that happens every game, you’re not going to perfectly mark for 80 minutes. Chandler bailed us out once, which you ask him to do.” Chanute coach Adam Wilcox on his team’s defensive play.

There wasn’t much excitement in Riverton until the overtime periods. In the last 20 minutes of this game, Chanute player’s like Drayton Cleaver, Thomas Ramsey, and Mike Aylward, really showed up and played their positions well. Too bad for the Blue Comets nobody could score and Chanute was handed it’s first tie in it’s young history.

Chanute has played Riverton three times this season. The first of which was a game at Chanute, where the Comets were missing stars, Adrian Becannon, Payton Babcock, and Vittorio Kwek. That game was won 2-1 in double overtime on a goal by Chanute’s Jacob Adams. Their second meeting was in the Coffeyville tournament, where Chanute grabbed the 3-1 win.

“I wish we could play them every stinking game. They always play us super hard. Their coaches are my favorite to play against. They have a great team.” After the game, Coach Wilcox expressed his respect for Riverton’s team.

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