2018 is the first year of the new classifications and new 6 team districts.  So teams will start district play starting this week (week 4).

District 1 in class 2A will have Humboldt (3-0), Jayhawk Linn (2-1), Southeast Cherokee (2-1), Riverton (0-3), Erie (1-2), Northeast Arma (0-3). There are three leagues representing this district. The CNC, Tri-Valley , and the Three Rivers League.

Now I am just as new as all of you with this new district play. From what I have learned the top 4 teams will move on to week 9. The #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #3 will play the #2 from the district 2. What I do not know but still trying to find out is what happens to the last two teams. I now know they get a game week 9 but not for sure if they will play a district 2 team that has the same seed as them or what?  Hopefully I will have the answer to that question by the end of this week.  District 2 is a tough one with #2 ranked 2A Silver Lake and very tough Osage City . So It is very important to finish 1 or 2 in district 1 so you will not have to face one of those teams in week 9.

Jayhawk Linn (2-1) will host Humboldt(3-0) , Northeast Arma(0-3) will travel to Southeast Cherokee(2-1), and Erie(1-2) will host Riverton(0-3) this coming Friday to get things started.Every team is really 0-0 going into Friday night. The 3 games played by each team before this week was just really a tune up to get ready for district play. What you do from here on out is what really counts.

Jayhawk Linn won their district in 2017 by beating the Humboldt Cubs 34-30 in a thriller that was won in the final minutes of the game. The Jayhawks have won the last two meetings with Humboldt. It has become somewhat a rivalry . They just don’t like each other very much. These teams should finish towards the top of this district again this year. I really think this district is going to be a dog fight all the way to week 8 figuring out who gets in and what spots they will take.

Southeast Cherokee, Riverton, and Northeast Arma are no strangers to each other. They all have had experience in the CNC league in the past. With Cherokee just leaving the league this season. These three teams combined for 1 win in 2017. What district 1 needs to remember before overlooking Riverton is who they play year in and year out . They play some of the toughest teams every season in the CNC league. Erie comes in at 1-2 after getting dismantled 32-2 at Cherryvale last Friday night.

Humboldt is my favorite to win this district . And I really believe the next three spots are up for grab from all the rest of the 5 teams. Jayhawk Linn is not as good a team as they were in 2017. That does not mean they can’t go on a run here and win this thing . But after losing last week to Pleasanton they need to get things going pretty quick. Riverton is the team every one else needs to watch out for . I know what you are thinking . Yes they are 0-3 but they lost a close one to Baxter Springs 20-18 and have losses to a great Galena team and to a 4-0 LightHouse Christian team from Springfield, Mo.  Southeast Cherokee has 2 more wins this season than they did in the entire 2017 season. They played a close 8-0 game with 3-0 Pleasanton on a soggy nasty field after all the rain the area had a few weeks back.  Erie is going to need to win a game they aren’t favored to win to advance. I am not sure in Northeast finds a victory in this 2018 season but they have scored some points this year where they really struggled to do in 2017. No team can overlook anybody in district play . And if someone does it could really end up shaking district 1 into some really interesting matchups for week 7 and 8.

Buckle up folks its time to get real serious . Each and every game here on out counts for every single team. Good Luck to every single team. I will take a stab at how I think this will finish out so you can tell me how wrong I was.

1. Humboldt

2. Riverton

3. Jayhawk Linn

4. Southeast Cherokee


6. Northeast Arma



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