It is Crunch Time for everyone

There is a battle between four teams to take the last three spots . The most surprising team in the area is sitting in second place with two games remaining before the playoffs. Southeast Cherokee had a 28 game losing streak heading into the 2018 football season. They are 4-2 overall and 2-1 in district play with 33 points. Jayhawk Linn has won 2 games in a row to put themselves in position to to have a chance at the second spot if they take care of business in their last two games. Erie has an uphill battle sitting at 1-2 with -14 points but they are not out of it yet for the second spot. It would probably take at least a 10 point victory over Jayhawk Linn this week and a 21 point win versus Notheast Arma in week 8. Riverton has the toughest road ahead sitting at 1-2 -21 points with games against Southeast and Jayhawk Linn remaining.

Humboldt Cubs 6-0  (3-0 in district)

Humboldt has put themselves in a comfortable situation with an undefeated season up to this point with 63 points. That is the maximum points they could have earned . You wonder how teams doing this well continue to work hard during the week when their next opponent hasn’t won a football game since 2015. Great teams find a way to keep grinding and get better each and every day . Time will tell which kind of team the Cubs are . They have been destroying teams early and often in 2018 and that won’t change this week. But next weeks contest against Southeast Cherokee could have something to do with the final standings for district 1. Seniors Dagen Goodner , Tucker Hurst , and David Watts among others are bound to change what Humboldt teams have done in the past with losing early in the playoffs. Junior Conor Haviland is having one of the best seasons when the ball is in his hands that I can remember anyone in the area having in quite some time.

Southeast Cherokee 4-2 (2-1 33 points)

I believe this weeks game versus Riverton will be huge when figuring out the final standings for the Lancers and whether they will play at home or on the road in week 9’s playoff game. Yes a playoff game for Southeast Cherokee. They need a big victory this week because they will travel to undefeated Humboldt next week. And teams haven’t fared well against the Cubs. A big Victory this week and they will also need some help from Jayhawk Linn along the way . If the Lancers go 1-1 in the last two games and the Jayhawks win out Southeast would drop to the 3 spot.  Now if Jayhawk Linn loses one of the last two and Southeast goes 1-1 then it all comes down to points. Or they could just win this week and then go into Humboldt and win that one too !

Jayhawk Linn  4-2 (2-1  2 points)

The district week 2 win against Southeast 14-12 is looking real good about right now and just might be the what puts the Jayhawks playing a home game in the week 9 playoff game against the #3 seed from district 2. They have two HUGE remaining games to finish out district play. This week the Erie Red Devils will come to town and try to ruin their plans. Jayhawk Linn must get the ball into their play makers hands and allow them to put the rest of team on their back. When quarterback Treyton Compton and Hayden Broyles are making plays they seem to win ball games. Against Erie the key is containing their Senior quarterback Jaden Gard from beating you with his legs . Gard can get you with the pass but if he gets in a rhythm running the ball he is very dangerous. The Jayhawks can not overlook next weeks opponent when they travel to Riverton to face the Rams.

Erie Red Devils  2-4  (1-2  -14 points )

Last weeks 14 point loss to Southeast Cherokee really hurt the Red Devils chance at getting a home playoff game. But their focus should be just win the next game . They can really shake up this district with a win this week at Jayhawk Linn. To do that they need some key contributions from players other than quarterback Jaden Gard on offense. On defense they will need to play sound fundamental football against the Jayhawk offense. The Jayhawks run a lot of misdirection and if you can get some penetration in the middle of their line you can make things tough on them. With a almost for sure 21 point win next week against winless Northeast Arma any type of winning margin would be huge this week . Teams that finish third and fourth in this district will have to travel to ranked #2 Silver Lake or 6-0 Osage City . And that would almost be the end to anyone’s season.

Riverton Rams 1-5  (1-2  -21 points)

Riverton has probably the toughest remaining games with Southeast and Jayhawk Linn on the schedule. Both of those teams are fighting for the second spot in the district. Riverton’s lone win this season was against winless Northeast Arma 35-8. They are the only team this season to score on Humboldt’s first team defense with a touchdown in the first half of play. The Rams will travel to old CNC league mates this week against Southeast Cherokee. The Rams won last years meeting 32-12. Riverton would more than likely need two wins to make the playoffs because of the -21 points.

Northeast Arma 0-6 (0-3 -63 points)

The Vikings have Humboldt at home this week and then will travel to Erie in week 8. With the new Kansas playoff system there are only 8 regular season games . But teams that don’t make the playoffs will still get a ninth game. Northeast is looking at playing one of those consolation games against either the 5 or 6 seed from district 2.