As Professor Hulk so eloquently said in Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” “These are confusing times.”

Much like in the movie, society is in a standstill and trying to find a new sense of “normal” during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Enter The Kansas Helmet Project.

Described on their Twitter profile (@KSHelmetProject) as “A site to celebrate Kansas HS football!” the project is run by Scott Peavy and Rod Stallbaumer and is quickly gaining a following on Twitter.

Much like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the project has 64 high school football helmets seeded by a committee. According to the Kansas Helmet Projects website, the committee is made up of current and former coaches from throughout the state tasked with picking their 45 favorite helmets. The seedings for the bracket are based upon selection committee votes first, then randomly assigned if there was a tie. coverage area teams that have been selected include Prairie View as a number 3 seed, Fredonia as a number 5 seed, Labette County as a number 6 seed, Southeast-Cherokee and Eureka as a number 7 seed, Columbus and Erie as a number 9 seed, and Uniontown as a number 10 seed.

The 4-#16 seeds will be determined by a fan vote.

Of the 23 teams, Humboldt and St. Mary’s Colgan are the only two coverage area teams vying for a “play-in” spot.

Fans have until 8AM on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 to vote-in 4 of the 23 helmets. You can vote by clicking here.

Pairings will be announced after the fan vote has concluded.

Follow Kansas Helmet Project (@KSHelmetProject) on twitter and visit for updates!