The Chanute Blue Comets’ soccer team faced off against the Columbus Titans for the second time this season on Tuesday. Chanute took the 8-0 win in their first matchup, but was only able to win 3-0 this time around.

“The first game, we definitely had people who were just hunting goals. Like, we scored eight, but a lot of it was just individual effort. Jacob [Adams] just took it on foot and was just better than them. So that’s part of it, like if I’d told Jacob just to take the ball, run it through the middle, and score we would have scored more goals,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said, “But that wouldn’t have felt good, if I told Moi to take the ball run through everyone and put one on goal five times, he probably would have scored two of those. And that’s a little bit of what we did in the first game, we just kind of went iso and had better players and this game we didn’t do that. We also didn’t look too sharp this game. Some people were trying to do too much. Some people were trying to do not enough. We were just waiting for someone to set us up.”

Chanute started off hot, gaining two goals in the first 10 minutes. Both were scored by senior Jay Brown. Then the Comets started to falter. Chanute lacked communication and couldn’t find the open man. When they got close, they couldn’t finish. They held the 2-0 lead until they scored their third goal, this time from senior Moi Kwek in the 72nd minute.

“Sometimes you have bad games. We’re in a little funk. We didn’t have a great practice yesterday. So it’s one of those you either snap out of it, you come back, and you play great or it carries into the game and you play terrible, and we did the latter. That’s probably our worst looking game so far. I’ll just have to watch tape,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox also said that the team played better in their 4-0 loss to the Purple Dragons earlier this year than they did against the Titans on Tuesday. 

“It’s not always about goals. We played a bad twelve minutes stretch versus Pitt, so we went down real bad. We also played 60 minutes of pretty good ball. Tonight we played like 10 minutes of good ball, but we were a better quality team than them,” Wilcox said