Eagles End Cubs Season

The Cubs 2017 season came to an end with a first round loss in Wellsville Tuesday night.  The Eagles didn’t need much time to show who was boss in this matchup and then just poured it on the rest of the way for a 48-0 victory.

Humboldt would receive the opening kickoff and start at their own 28 yard line. The first play from scrimmage would kind of set the tone in this game .  A bad snap out of the shotgun would cause a quarterback fumble which Hesston Murrow would recover with a 9 yard loss. This has been an issue for them all season long. Wellsville would get a three and out to force the Cubs to punt on their first possession.  All the Eagles would need was one play to get on the scoreboard first. A 45 yard option right by Anthony Geist. They would fake the extra point attempt with no success to take the lead 6-0.

With Humboldt getting the ball back after the score they would once again do something that has haunted them in games this year.  A false start would make it first and 15.  Against some league teams these mistakes you could get away with but not against the caliber of a team Wellsville had tonight.  The Eagles would force another three and out and the Cubs would punt again.

After seeing the talented quarterback for Wellsville show what he could do with his legs marching right down the field once again , the Cubs would get a goal line stop to regain possession. Senior tailback for the Cubs would break out a 21 yard run on third and seven to get a first down. On second down and twelve the Humboldt would have a holding penalty to push them back.  With 3rd and long the Cubs would need a pass play to try and convert another first down. #4 Dawson Donovan would intercept the pass for a touchdown to give the Eagles a 12-0 lead.

Some of this was Humboldt making mental mistakes with some penalties and turning the ball over. But as any fan that was there should say , is that The Wellsville Eagles were just a lot better than the Humboldt Cubs.  They had several 240 plus linemen that were good football players.  Their quarterback Zach Vance was the best quarterback I had seen in a few years in 3A. They are a REALLY good football team .

Wellsville ended the first quarter after junior Dawson Donovan caught a beautiful ball by Vance for a 29 yard touchdown to go up 20-0.

The second quarter was no better for the district 6 runner ups.  Anthony Geist , played tailback and linebacker for the Eagles would intercept a pass by Dagen Goodner to give the home team their third forced turnover in the game. Vance would then connect with Donovan again with a 60 yard touchdown pass to give them a 26-0 lead with nine minutes left in the half. After a blitz out wide covering a wide receiver in a trips set , Brent Yost would sack Vance and force Wellsville to have to punt for the first time.

Humboldt would start on their own 38 yard line and try to get on the scoreboard. Murrow would run hard with a quarterback keeper for 12 yards try and get something going. After the first down they had another false start penalty, then a quarterback sack .  With a 3rd and 23 it is really hard to convert a first down. And even harder with fourth and twenty three.  Wellsville would get the stop and possess the ball again. They would go into halftime up 34-0 after a seventeen yard touchdown pass from Vance to Elijah Kearney.

It should be noted that playmaker Conor Haviland didn’t touch the ball for the Cubs until there was 4 minutes left in the second quarter.

The second half was much the same for the Humboldt.  Wellsville would score two times in the second half to seal the Bi-District game 48-0.

This will end the season for the Cubs with a 7-3 record.  This team was a lot of fun to watch and cheer for this season.  I will sure miss the seniors. I talked about them a lot on the podcast and radio show about how they put in the work last off season to become a better team. But its more than that to me.  Every one of these young men that I spoke with are great people. Very kind, polite, and great leaders. Don’t hang your heads gentlemen. You made the Humboldt community proud.