EUREKA – The Tornadoes will host their first game at home for the first time since October 26th, 2017.

Their last home game? Against Marc Svaty and the Fredonia Yellowjackets winning by a score of 30-26.

Fast forward to a whole new district schedule and cast of players.

“It’s crazy to think our last home game was against Fredonia. I think it’s pretty cool to think we’re playing the last team that we faced at home,” said Eureka head coach Jason Nichols.

Two weeks before July, as the stadium was cleared for bulldozing to the bare ground and sod was being laid, coach Nichols and his seniors had a chance to reflect on what this upcoming Friday night meant to them.

“You know…this is a unique situation. I’ve been coaching for 18 years and this is a unique situation.  Last year was such a grind (being on the road), and even the beginning (of this year) was such a grind. I would say a majority of (the student-athletes) are going to be hyped. That’s all I’ve heard about. The juniors and seniors have never played a home game. I can’t wait and can’t wait. there’s going to be a ton of emotion. This is going to be such an emotional experience. I’m expecting it to be extremely emotional for all involved.”

After the initial damage in the June of 2018 was assessed, it wasn’t until 2019 that the old stadium was demolished, the field ripped from the ground, and construction began.

Since this summer, crews have been working tirelessly around the clock to get the stadium and field cleared and pass inspection to be ready for Friday’s game against Fredonia.

It included all new home and away stands, press box, scoreboard, track, as well as goalposts and an all-new field.


While to some it may just be a “game of high school football” Friday night, the Eureka coach took time to appreciate each and everyone in the school district, athletics program, and community for their help.




“I can’t imagine having gone through what this program has gone through without the parents, sponsors, faculty and district administration; it’s gonna be an electric night I hope. I hope it’s an amazing experience for our student-athletes and our community.”








Eureka is scheduled to kick-off against Fredonia this Friday night at 7PM for their homecoming.

(Photos courtesy of @FootballEureka on Twitter)