Coffeyville High School’s Cross Country team is gearing up for a thrilling new season of intense competition and athletic achievements. As the anticipation builds, let’s take a sneak peek into the team’s roster, standout players, and their remarkable journey so far.

School and League Highlights:
Representing Coffeyville School in the SEK League, the team has consistently displayed their dedication and talent. In the previous year, they secured an impressive 4th place in the SEK League, showcasing their prowess among their league rivals. Additionally, the team demonstrated their competitive spirit by clinching the 6th place spot in the Regional competition. These achievements reflect their commitment to excellence and their determination to make their school proud.

Meet the Coaches:
Guiding the team towards victory is the esteemed Head Coach, Casey Woodward. With an impressive tenure of 9 years at Coffeyville School, Coach Woodward’s experience and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the team’s success. Holding a career record of 5 appearances at the 4A State level, Coach Woodward’s leadership has proven invaluable.

Stellar Performances of 2022:
Last season’s stars continue to shine as the team marches into the new year. Among the standout athletes is Drake Leeds, now a 12th grader, who achieved an impressive personal record (PR) time of 18 minutes and 42 seconds. Notably, he secured 7th place in the SEK League and an admirable 19th place in the Regionals. Another rising star is Audrey Cavaness, now in the 10th grade, who impressed everyone with a PR time of 22 minutes and 39 seconds. She secured a commendable 6th place in the SEK League and an 18th place in the Regionals.

Rising Stars to Watch:
As the team prepares to hit the trails once again, the spotlight is on some of the rising stars who have shown exceptional promise. Kasen Dollar, a 12th grader, brings a new level of excitement to the team. Hubert Webber, an 11th grader, is making his debut in the world of Cross Country and is sure to leave his mark. These newcomers are bound to add a fresh dynamic to the team’s strategies and performance.

Looking Ahead:
With a blend of seasoned athletes and talented newcomers, Coffeyville’s High School Cross Country team is poised for yet another exhilarating season. As the athletes lace up their running shoes and step onto the tracks, they carry with them the spirit of determination and a commitment to achieving greatness. Keep an eye on the FKHS Cross Country team as they chase victory and etch their names in the annals of athletic accomplishment. The journey begins anew, and the team is ready to run, compete, and triumph!