Chanute Blue Comet soccer faced off with the Riverton Rams for the second time this season. The Comets won 6-0 including another hat trick from the “Golden Boot” Jacob Adams and a goal from the typical goalkeeper, Chandler Finuf.


“We did a lot of things right tonight, we played fast, we played out wide, we had good finishes. Each game it just gets a little bit better. Like, one more piece comes into place. Which is what we needed to do,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said.


Following the 10-0 Chanute win in their last matchup against Riverton, it’s safe to say Chanute was the favorite. The Comets got off to a quick start as Adams scored his first of three only seven minutes into the contest. Then another seven minutes later, Moi Kwek scored Chanute’s second goal on a fantastic assist from Kalen Becannon. 


The first half would end with a 4-0 Blue Comet lead. After Adams made another in the 21st minute and Stark Wright knocked in his first goal of the season in the 37th minute.


At the beginning of the second half, Wilcox subbed in Ty Galemore to play goalkeeper for the remainder of the game. Wilcox continued to sub in more bench players as the half went on, including subbing Finuf in to play mid.


Adams earned his third and final goal of the game in the 42nd minute. Then in the 68th minute, Chanute got a corner kick. Drayton Cleaver lined up and took the kick. Finuf lined up near the goal and found himself in the right place at the right time to knock the ball into the net.


“Oh man, it was…I can’t explain it. It was crazy, man.” Finuf said


The final score, Blue Comets 6, Ras 0.


“The score, obviously, is not reflected of the impact or the dominant nature that we played today but it was definitely more so about kind of hitting this part of the season where we are trying to see what we can do, what we can’t do, what we’re good at, and what we’re not good at. To really make that push moving forward to be successful and we have all of the potential in the world, we have the talent, we have the ability, and we have the intelligence,” Chanute’s assistant coach Michael Villarreal said, “It’s just a matter of practicing those things that we need to work on and finishing those goals. I mean we definitely could’ve ran up the score, but it was really nice to get people in the game that really deserved it and have been really working hard, and to see how they mesh, and making sure everyone is on the same page. Definitely doing a lot of things right definitely pretty nice today.”