FORT SCOTT – The Chanute Blue Comets’ soccer team took to the road to play the Fort Scott Tigers. Chanute took the 2-1 win, after a fantastic performance by goalkeeper Chandler Finuf.

Competition picked up right from the beginning. In only the 6th minute of play, Fort Scott cashed in on Finuf’s only mistake of the game and Jacob Brennan scored the Tigers’ lone goal of the game.

The Comets would battle back and start creating opportunities for goals. Finally they cashed in in the 15th minute. Chanute’s Jay Brown took the ball up field and Fort Scott’s goalkeeper Silas Taylor came up and dove for possession of the ball. Brown kicked the ball right off of Taylor and it popped up behind the downed goalkeeper. WIth nothing between Brown and the net, Chanute ties it up.

As the first half would come to a close, Jacob Adams would tack on Chanutes’s second goal. The second half would be chock full of missed opportunities by the Comets as they couldn’t coordinate a successful attack on goal.

“We did lots of things well at broken up times. Like, at times we played great high-pressure defense. At times our back four looked completely unbreakable and at times we had great plays out of the middle, where we were doing, like one-two touches between Moi, and Jacob, and Jay. At times, like every part of our game looked really really good,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said, “ The next step is like making it pats of it to thirty minutes at a time to forty minutes at a time, to a whole game of playing, and you’re not going to everything perfect all game long, but to do it in more than just flashes. This is just the first game where everything looked really good for parts of it. This was Moi’s best game out of the middle. Once we start realizing some game flow type of stuff, we’ll take another jump of, instead of stalling, looking for a drop, he can take the ball up quick.”