Fredonia High School Football: Previewing the 2023 Season

Get set for a thrilling season of Fredonia High School football in 2023! With Head Coach Marc Svaty leading the way, the team is gearing up for an action-packed time on the field. Here’s a sneak peek into the players, tactics, and expectations for the upcoming season.

Coach Svaty’s Leadership
Coach Svaty, along with Assistant Coaches Charl Hill, Cody Hickox, and Jason Wheeler, is guiding the team. With an overall record of 69 wins and 78 losses, the coaches are focused on bringing out the best in their players.

Mixing It Up: Offense and Defense
On offense, the team is versatile, using “Multiple” formations. On the defensive end, they’re going with an “Odd” strategy to keep opponents guessing.

Impressive Returners
Keep an eye on these players:

  • Evan Pagacz, a senior, caught 25 passes for 447 yards last season, scoring 5 touchdowns.
  • Senior Hayden Lakin made 80 tackles, including 5 tackles for loss and 2 sacks.
  • Junior Kolin Unruh brought in 56 tackles, with 5 tackles for loss and 5 sacks.
  • Another junior, Jake George, racked up 61 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, and 1 sack.

Key Players: Returning Starters
Senior Noah Jantz, Evan Pagacz, and sophomore Brayden Oleary are solid on both sides of the field. Seniors Hayden Lakin and Dameon Kisel, along with junior Kolin Unruh, are versatile players. Junior Sebastian Evanson and sophomores Jake George and Jay Evans bring their skills to offense and defense.

Rising Stars: Returning Letterman
Keep an eye on these up-and-comers:

  • Juniors Lyle Walker, Bryan Wilson, Layne DeWitt, and Keaton Ratzlaff are active in receiving and defense.
  • Juniors Landon Minor, Max Coulter, Payton Houdasheldt, and Christian Bartoli are holding the line on offense and defense.

With this crew, Fredonia High School’s football team is set to impress. Expect intense gameplay, strong defense, and team spirit throughout the 2023 season!