The Cubs are now 5-0 on the season and 2-0 with 42 points in district 1 after a 63-0 win over the Erie Red Devils. It was homecoming for Humboldt with Aricah McCall and Dagen Goodner being crowned king and queen. This final score was about the same as every game so far this season but there was something a little different for the Cubs. Humboldt didn’t play a perfect game . They still looked plenty good I just don’t think they were as sharp as normal. They had 8 penalties on the night and Erie came in with a good offensive game plan to take seniors David Watts and Tucker Hurst away defensively with double teams and good cut blocks.


The Red Devils won the opening coin toss and chose to defer to the second half. Humboldt would start on their own 20 yard line after Alexis Hernandez would kick it to the end zone. After a false start to open the game Humboldt would use big plays to get on the scoreboard first. A 44 yard run by quarterback Goodner and then a 41 yard touchdown run by junior Conor Haviland. Kyler Allen would complete the 2 point conversion to make it 8-0. Erie would struggle gaining yards on their first possession but would get a first down after a third and long personal foul for hitting quarterback Jaden Gard late .  Later in the drive coach Hudson would make a very questionable call trying to kick a 38 yard field goal . The kick would be blocked and returned for 48 yards to give the Cubs great starting position on the Erie 20 yard line. It took two plays for the Cubs to score again. Kyler Allen would catch a an 18 yard pass from Goodner and then Watts would barrel through for the two yard score . He would also complete the 2 point conversion the same way to put Humboldt up 16-0.

Erie was the biggest team Humboldt has faced this season . But the Cubs wouldn’t have to run very many offensive plays tonight. They were either scoring quickly or with special teams. Haviland would have 59 and 79 yard touchdown punt returns. By halftime he had recorded ten touchdowns in the last 6 quarters of play. Cub fans are seeing an All-State performer every week with the way he has played. And with the Red Devils taking away Watts and Hurst tonight for the most part the linebackers were actually able to make tackles . Goodner was a machine on defense tonight with 9 tackles .

The scoring would continue with Goodner scoring two rushing touchdowns and throwing for another to Taryn Johnson . Haviland would have the two punt return scores along with two rushing . Humboldt would have a 49-0 halftime lead and would have a running clock the second half.

Senior Red Devil Jaden Gard would scrap all night tyring to get something positive going for Erie. When trying to throw he was fiercely being chased all night long. He was able to get loose on some option plays but the Cubs keeping him at bay . He was 4-7 passing in the first half with 33 yards through the air. Senior Jordan Myers ran tough most of the night . I don’t have the Erie stats at this time but I will update the article when those come in.

Erie 2-3 and 1-1 in district (0 points) will host Southeast Cherokee 3-2 and 1-1 in district (19 points) next Friday

Humboldt 5-0 and 2-0 in district with (42 points) will travel to Riverton 1-4 and 1-1 in district (0 points) next Friday.

Humboldt stats

Conor Haviland  90 yards on 5 carries with 138 punt return yards on two returns , 2 rushing touchdowns and two return touchdowns. 2 tackles

Dagen Goodner 100 yards rushing on 5 carries 2 touchdowns, 4-5 passing with 59 yards and 1 touchdown . 9 tackles

Teryn Johnson 2 receptions with 20 yards and 1 touchdown. 3 tackles

Reid Barnett 5 tackles 3 for loss 2 sacks

Speed Heopker 5 tackles 1 for loss

Tucker Hurst 1 sack

David Watts 2 carries for 10 yards and a touchdown. 1 tackle for a loss

2A District #1 standings

Humboldt 2-0  ( 42 points)

Southeast Cherokee 1-1 (19 points)

Erie 1-1  (0 points)

Riverton 1-1 (0 points)

Jayhawk Linn 1-1  (-19 points)

Northeast Arma 0-2 (-42 points)


Photo credited to Mike Myer



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