Indians Roll in Regional Championship Game

In the opening round of 8 Man Div I playoffs, St Paul traveled to Central Burden Friday night. The Central Burden Raider (5-4) 2A division champions hosted the 1B division runner-up St Paul Indians.  The Raiders won the coin toss and elected to receive the football.  St Paul’s Alex Mate stellar kicker started the game with a touchback.  Raider’s Dustin Handlin handled the quarterback duties.  Nathan Delaney and Clayton Cook ran in this series for no gains and Central Burden punted to St Paul in the first offensive series.  Adam Albertini received the punt for no gain on the return.  In the first offensive series for the Indians, QB Braven Born, Fullback Collin Carlson and Running Back Keaton Kennedy moved the ball down the field at will.  Collin Carlson punched the ball in from the 2yd line with 7:51 remaining for the first St Paul touchdown. Born scored the extra point.              St Paul 8   Central Burden 0

The Raiders started on their own 25 yard line.  The Senior core of Anthony Albertini, Koby Spielbusch, Braven Born, Hunter Pullman, Caleb Pecha, Joseph Hess and Grant Hutcherson kept the Raiders contained all night on offense. These players proved all season the hard hitting St Paul defense was on tonight to make a statement in the playoffs. Central Burden went four and out, for a turn over on downs to the Indians.  QB Born found Brenden Doherty in the end zone for a St Paul TD. The extra point was no good.  St Paul 14   Central Burden 0

Challen Jimenez returned the kickoff for a 5 yard gain.  Raider’s QB Handlin tried to get the offense moving with pass plays to Clayton Cook, Nathan Delaney and Tanner Groene.  Again the Raider punted on 4th down.  Adam Albertini returned the punt for a 12 yard gain.  Born would lead the offense down field.  With 1:34 left in the first quarter, Collin Carlson ran for a 10 yard TD.  The extra point was no good.  St Paul 20   Central Burden 0.

With time to expire Central Burden’s Handlin found Tanner Groene down field for a 20 yard passing play.  Nathan Delaney and Clayton Cook had running plays as time expired in the first quarter.  To start the second quarter the Raider’s plugged away at the defense pushing the ball down field.  On a fourth down play, Handlin looked down field for Nathan Delaney, Caleb Pecha broke up the pass and the Raiders turned the ball over on downs.

Keaton Kennedy found the running lane on this offensive series.  Kennedy had runs for 7,9 and 13 yards.  The Indians turned over the ball on downs. Central Burden’s offense was stopped by Albertini, Spielbusch and Carlson on this drive.  Clayon Cook punted to Adam Albertini.  Albertini would mishandle the punt and Central Burden recovered the ball on their own 16 yard line. Clayton Cook found the endzone with 4:06 left in the second quarter.  The extra point was no good.                                           St Paul 20   Central Burden 6

The Raiders kicked off to Braven Born for a 15 yard return.  The Raiders would receive an unsportsman like penalty for 15 yards.  Central Burden was offsides on the next play.  Born found Caleb Pecha full stride for a 40 yard TD strike with 1:10 left in the second quarter.  Keaton Kennedy scored the extra point.   St Paul 28   Central Burden 6

St Paul’s Mate kicked off, Gronene returned the ball for a short gain.  The Raiders on the third down play, Carlson sacked Handlin for a 5 yard loss.  Central Burden punted to Braven Born for a 10 yard return.  With :26 left in the second quarter, QB Born found Brenden Doherty 40 yards down field for a Indian TD.  Pecha scored the extra point.  St Paul 36  Central Burden 6

Mate kicked off for the Indians, Hayden Powell fumbled the punt and the Raiders started on their own 4 yard line. Delaney ran for 10 yards.  Handlin would throw an interception to Caleb Pecha to end the half.

To start the 3rd quarter Clayton Cook kicked off for the Raiders, Caleb Pecha returned the ball for a short gain.  Born found Doherty for a 15 yard gain and a first down. Kennedy moved the ball down field for the Indians.  Born gained 10 yards for a first down. With 8:35 in third quarter, Collin Carlson found pay dirt with a 35 yard TD run.  Keaton Kennedy scored the extra point.  St Paul 42  Central Burden 6

Alex Mate kicked off for a Touchback.  Central Burden would be shut out on this series.  Pecha missed a pick 6 interception and the Indians would get the ball on turn over on downs.  This time Caleb Pecha would not be denied this time as Braven Born found Pecha down field for a 30 yard strike with 3:11 left in the third quarter.  The extra point was no good.  St Paul 50  CB 6

Mate Kicked off to Nathan Delaney for a 25 yard return. Koby Spielbusch and Grant Hutcherson terrorized the backfield.  Carlson dropped a pick 6 interception and the Raiders turned the ball over on downs.  Kennedy and Carlson had long runs to finish out the third quarter.   St Paul 50   Central Burden 6

The Indian’s Braven Born threw to Brenden Doherty for 5 yards.  Carlson ran for 9 yards tackled by Nathan Delaney 1 yard short of the endzone.  Collin Carlson would finish the game with a 1 yard TD.  St Paul 56  Central Burden 6

The win sealed the Regional title for the Indians.  St Paul will host Osborne in the opening round of sectionals.  Both team are 9-1 and bring hard hitting defenses and high flying offenses.  The Bulldogs are the reigning state champions.  Coach Keith Wiatrak said St Paul and Osborne are the two best teams in the state. This looks to be one of the best games of the season in high school football playoffs. The game is scheduled for 5:30 next Friday in St Paul.