Jayhawk-Linn Climbs In Drivers Seat

What a see-saw battle in what was probably the district 6 championship game.  With 2:45 left in the fourth quarter Jayhawk’s quarterback Treyton Compton threw a perfect pass to standout wide receiver/tight end Brandon Gray for a 69 yard touchdown pass to take the 34-30 lead .

Gray was a thorn in the Cub’s side all night long .  Humboldt would switch defenders on him and nothing worked.  Gray stands 6’4″ 200 pounds and was the best player on the field tonight .  He finished with 3 catches for 118 yards and three touchdowns.

The Cubs would receive the opening kickoff and do what they have done all season and that is pound the football up the gut with senior Jacob Barker.  They marched down the field and Barker would put the Humboldt on the board first with a 2 yard run.  With the two point conversion successful they would lead 8-0 .  Against the strong wind the Cubs would elect to try and onside kick , like they have all season .  The ball went out of bounds before it reached 10 yards so the Jayhawks would start their offense from the forty . Jayhawk-Linn would do the same as the home team and march right down the field with power runs and sweeps .  Compton would use the quarterback sneak to tie the ball game at 8 a piece. The score would remain tied to end the first quarter.

Both teams played very physical at the line of scrimmage. This game came down to some costly mistakes by the Cubs .  Whether it was penalties or missed defensive assignments.  Jayhawk-Linn didn’t make many mistakes tonight .

The second quarter started with a 34 yard touchdown catch by Gray to go ahead 14-8. The Cubs would start at the midfield after a short kickoff.  More of the same , Jacob Barker would put his team on his back and would just march down the field with power runs .  Humboldt had the ball first and goal from the 9 yard line and just kept giving the ball to Barker. He scored his second touchdown of the game with a 6 yard run . The two point conversion was good with Conor Haviland sweeping to the right to put the Cubs ahead once again at 16-14.

Humboldt’s defense would really tighten down and had the visitors with a second and long but a personal foul penalty for some garbage happening after the play would give the Three Rivers league champs a new set of downs and some momentum back .  On a third and seven with 2:00 minutes left in the half Compton would find Gray for a 15 yard touchdown strike for his second touchdown of the game .  Jayhawk-Linn would go into halftime with a 20-16 lead.

The Cub defense played tough as usual tonight and put the team in good opportunities to win this game .  They started the third quarter with a 3 and out to force the Jayhawks to punt. This next offensive possession for Humboldt would really change this contest .  They would march right down the field and looked ready to score and take the lead back from Jayhawk-Linn.  After a Cub fumble on 4th and 1 from the one yard line the Jayhawks would take over .

Humboldt’s defense would stop them again and force a punt from the 5 yard line.  A fake punt to get the first down caught the Cubs off guard and the visitors would keep the ball.

With the score 20-16 after three quarters the game would really get wild .  The Cubs defense would look a little winded and give up some big run plays by Harley Stone .  The Jayhawks would score with another 1 yard sneak by Compton to extend their lead to 28-16.  Barker wasn’t having it and ran for a 35 yard touchdown to close the gap 24-28 with 8:20 left in the game.

After another 3 and out the Cubs would get the ball back with a chance to regain the lead. Barker would have another big run of 23 yards to give Humboldt first and goal on the five yard line. It took 4 plays to get in done but with an option left Barker would find the end zone to put them up 30-28 with 4:18 remaining.  The Jayhawks would only have one timeout left after burning back to back timeouts early in the third quarter. They would use two reverse plays and a power dive to get a first down with 2:45 left in the ball game.  First down from their own 31 yard line and thats when the electric Brandon Gray would break loose once again for his third touchdown of the game with the 69 yard play that would give them the 34-30 lead they wouldn’t give up .

The Cubs got down to the 19 yard line but couldn’t complete any passes and the game would end 34-30.  With this victory for Jayhawk-Linn they are in the drivers seat for the district championship. They will play Erie next week at home .  Humboldt will travel to win less Northeast Arma to try and finish with the runner-up spot in district 6.

Jacob Barker finished the game with 200 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.

Dagen Goodner had 22 tackles , 2 for a loss

Noah Johnson had 8 tackles