What a very busy 7 days it has been for us at SEK-Sports.com. First a new layout, then new content, now approaching 2,000 page views and finally an update to the message boards.

Once upon a time, the SEK-Sports.com message boards was one of the most active in the entire state of Kansas. Healthy, fun, active discussions talking about teams, players, and coaches. The emergence of social media, Facebook and Twitter, has played a role in the daily use of message boards overall. We feel that there’s still a niche of users that would use it, whether to be active or “creep”.

Yesterday we upgraded the forums. Something that was long overdue. However, in doing so, we lost all the previous content and user registration.

That being said since it is a fresh, new start on the message boards that means there’s never been a better time than now to get back on board the SEK-Sports.com Message Board. Chime in, share your insight on games. Maybe let us know which student athlete is flying under the radar.

We hope to provide a fun, healthy, competitive, positive atmosphere for people in Southeast Kansas to be active on.

Please give the boards a look if it’s been a while since you visited. And please don’t be a stranger and register to get active.