Colony-Crest, Saint Paul, and Oswego all faced off Tuesday night in a Three Rivers League Tri-angular.

Crest def. St. Paul

27-25, 25-16

Senior Regan Godderz: 11 serves-82%, 3 digs

Senior Jewel Armstrong: 2 kills, 10 serves-70%, 3 aces, 3 digs, best serve receive average

Senior Cassie Bowen: 8 kills, 9 serves-89%, 2 aces, 1 block, 3 digs

Sophomore Aubree Holloran: 7 serves- 100%, 1 ace,3 digs

Senior Camryn Strickler: 7 kills, 4 serves-75%, 8 digs

Freshman Lindsey Godderz: 8 serves-100%

Senior Breyanna Benjamin (libero): 1 dig

Freshman Anna Hermreck: 1 dig

“The girls showed grit coming back to beat St. Paul. We were down 7-12 the first time out and 17-21 the second time out, coming back to win 27-25. St. Paul was playing well and it seemed we took some life out of them for the second set. I was proud of the girls for playing strong one point at a time.” Crest volleyball coach Abigail Hermreck said of her team’s performance Tuesday.

Oswego def. Crest

23-25, 20-25

R. Godderz: 9 serves-89%, 1 ace, 3 digs

Armstrong: 1 kill, 8 serves-88%, 1 block, 3 digs

Bowen: 8 kills, 4 serves-75%, 1 block, 7 digs

Holloran: 6 serves-83%, 7 digs

Strickler: 5 kills, 8 serves-100%, 1 ace, 2 blocks, 8 digs

L. Godderz: 6 serves-100%, 1 ace

Benjamin (libero): 6 digs, best dig average

Hermreck added, “Oswego came out strong and scrappy, but we were hanging right in there. We were tied at 23-23 and could not finish. We lead most of the second set and let them sneak back in in one rotation. The loss was disappointing, but I was proud of the girls for how hard they played. We are doing some really good things and I believe this can take us far!”

Oswego defeated St. Paul 25-14, 25-20

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