As the sun sets on summer, a new season of exhilarating cross country races is upon us, and the spotlight is once again on the outstanding athletes of the Prairie View High School Cross Country Team. Under the guidance of the dedicated Head Coach Marcie Caldwell, the team is poised to showcase their prowess on the trails, with a special focus on the high school girls’ division.

Recapping the Thrills of 2022:
The echoes of last year’s achievements linger as we delve into the 2022 recap. The team clinched an impressive 4th place at the Regionals, coming within just 11 points of securing the 3rd place spot. While the loss stung, it’s clear that the team’s hunger for victory has only intensified.

A Strong Foundation of Returners:
With a solid foundation of experience, the Prairie View Cross Country Team welcomes back 7 returning lettermen. Among these remarkable athletes, three stand out as key returners, armed with impressive stats from the previous season:

  • Bree Allen (Jr): A name synonymous with excellence. Bree emerged as the League, Regional, and State 3A Champion in 2022. With a remarkable career personal record of 18:56 at State, Bree’s determination is an inspiration to all.
  • Wylie Teagarden (Jr): Holding her own in the competitive field, Wylie secured a 5th place finish at League and placed 20th at Regionals in the previous season. Their 2022 season personal record of 22:24 is a testament to their relentless pursuit of improvement.
  • Ryleigh Lueker (Jr): The tenacity of Ryleigh shone through as she clinched a commendable 10th place at League in the 2022 season, with a personal record of 23:34.

Welcoming New Talents:
The team’s strength is further augmented by promising newcomers, and one name stands out:

  • Laramie Stevens (9th): A rising star on the horizon. Laramie’s remarkable achievements in 8th grade, including a Top 6 finish in every race and an 8th grade League Championship in ’22, foreshadow a bright future for this young athlete.

Glimpse into the 2023 Season:
With the winds of change blowing, the Prairie View Cross Country Team steps onto the starting line with determination in their eyes. The 2023 season holds great promise, as the team sets their sights on a return to the state championship. The pursuit of glory is particularly poignant for Bree Allen, who aims to repeat her championship triumph and etch her name further into the annals of cross country history.

Alumni Achievements:
The legacy of the Prairie View Cross Country Team extends beyond the high school years. Notably, Brooke Allen continues to make waves as she runs for Baker University, carrying the team’s spirit with her in the collegiate arena.