We are very excited to cover the Pioneer League this 2019-2020 season. We dabbled a bit into the Pioneer League with Iola Mustang coverage. The call for coverage from the other 6 schools was overwhelming.

In our inaugural Pioneer League Football Coaches Poll, it was the Prairie View Buffaloes who were voted unanimously by coaches who returned their polling to finish atop of the league.

The Buffaloes saw their season come to an end at the hands to a speedy Parsons Vikings team. That experience should propel Prairie View once again into the playoffs.

Santa Fe Trail had their season ended in the first round of the playoffs against Marysville.

Burlington, a former Tri-Valley League member, finished 3rd.

The SEK-Sports.com Pioneer League Fan Poll looked very much different than that of the coaches poll:

  1. Wellsville (31.%)

  2. Prairie View (18.1%)

  3. Burlington (16.7%)

  4. Santa Fe Trail (15.9%)

  5. Iola (10.6%)

  6. Anderson County (6.2%)

  7. Osawatomie (1.3%)

Look for more in-depth team preseason previews coming next week on SEK-Sports.com.

Comment below, who got it closer to being right the fans or the coaches?

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