The Chanute Blue Comets suffered a 2-1 home loss to the Pittsburg Purple Dragons, on Tuesday. The game was affected by a rainy night, nonetheless, Vittorio Kwek was able to score for Chanute and Pittsburg’s Juan Hernandez dropped a goal.

The game started off quick, as both teams fought to put up that first score. It finally came 14 minutes in, when Kwek knocked in a magnificent goal. Nearing the end of the first half, Pittsburg kicked from far out and was provided a super lucky bounce to get over Comet goalkeeper, Chandler Finuf and into the goal.

The second half was easily won by Pittsburg. Hernandez made a quick goal and the Purple Dragons went up 2-1. The Blue Comets were playing poorly in the second half. By the time they got it together, it was too late and the game ended 2-1.

“We looked good for the first half, like we looked really good. We got a goal and we did a good job possessing and keeping them off of the ball but, then we gave up that stupid goal right before half that ripped hearts out. It a fast bounce off of the wet turf and got past Chan [Finuf] and just kind of got unlucky. Then second half, they beat us second half, we played pretty badd the first twenty but we came back together and started working things out. I mean they beat us three to nothing the first time we played and beat us badly three to nothing. It wasn’t even that close.” Chanute Blue Comets’ head coach, Adam Wilcox on his team’s play.

The Comets will play again this Thursday against Independence, who beat Chanute the first time they played. In that game Peyton Babcock and Adrian Becannon will be inactive for the Comets.

“We need to do in games what we do in practice. We have to those carry over things, from short touches to finding easy passes, that we do in practice really well, to translate on Thursday. That, I think we have it schemed up that we are going to push Noah [Crapson] up to the center, play [Thomas] Ramsey in the back all game. So we’ll have Ramsey in the back all game and that will give Noah a chance to put up in Adrian’s normal role and we’ll go by committee on Peyton’s normal spot at that left wing. It’ll be Lawson [Collins] and Grayson [Burchett] will be filling in there.” Coach Wilcox on that game.

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