UNIONTOWN – The Uniontown Lady Eagles hosted Riverton, Northeast, Marmaton Valley, Southern Coffey County, Central Heights, Yates Center, Galena, Uniontown, Crest and Altoona Saturday.

The Riverton Lady Rams took home the 1st place medals with wins over Northeast, Southern Coffey County, Marmaton Valley, Central Heights and Crest in the Championship game.

The host Uniontown Lady Eagles finished 4th after falling to Colony-Crest in the 3rd place game.

“Advancing from pool play was a nice way to finish out the day, but we didn’t play as intense against SCC as we did in the Yates Center match, and unfortunately, had too many unforced errors….multiple missed serves in back to back rotations and miscues in communication…both things that we can continue to improve on.” said Uniontown Volleyball head coach Jackie Hall.

Another busy week of volleyball this week for the Uniontown Lady Eagles, with matches Tuesday and Thursday and Osawatomie Tournament Saturday and then hosting the Class 2A Sub State Tournament on October 20.

As a reminder is seeking businesses who would be interested in sponsoring our every game livestream broadcast of the Uniontown 2A Sub-State. If you’re interested please contact for more details.

Here are the results from Pool Play:


Riverton def. Northeast 25-16, 25-21

Southern Coffey County def. Marmaton Valley 25-20, 25-20

Northeast def. Central Heights 25-22, 25-13

Riverton def. Southern Coffey County 25-16, 25-21

Marmaton Valley def. Central Heights 25-20, 25-20

Southern Coffey County def. Northeast 25-17, 25-13

Riverton def. Marmaton Valley 25-18, 25-18

Southern Coffey County def. Central Heights 25-11, 25-4

Marmaton Valley def. Northeast 25-22, 19-25, 25-10

Riverton def. Central Heights 25-8, 25-16



Yates Center def. Galena 20-25, 25-22, 25-14

Crest def. Uniontown 25-17, 25-21

UT: Karleigh Schoenberger 5 pt
UT: Maddie Ard 10/10 on attacks 4 kills
UT: Danielle Howard 7/8 on attacks 3 kills

Galena def. Altoona 25-15, 25-17

Yates Center def. Crest 25-14, 25-19

Uniontown def. Altoona 25-11, 25-3

UT: Karleigh Schoenberger 20 pts **19 consecutive in set 2
UT: Maddie Ard 15/ 15 on attacks 9 kills

Crest def. Galena 22-20, 25-10

Uniontown def. Yates Center 26-24, 25-20

UT: Paige Mason 8 pt
UT: Maddie Ard 24/26 on attacks 7 kills
UT: Karleigh Schoenberger 14/14 on attacks 3 kills
UT: Danielle Howard 13/14 on attacks 4 kills
UT: Lauren Shinnn 11/15 on attacks 3 kills

Crest def. Altoona 25-10, 25-7

Uniontown def. Galena 25-16, 20,25, 25-18

UT: Maddie Ard 13 pt
UT: Maddie Ard 25/28 on attacks 8 kills
UT: Danielle Howard 30/31 on attacks 12 kills

Yates Center def. Altoona 25-6, 25-3


Southern Coffey County def. Uniontown 25-18, 26-16

UT: Karleigh Schoenberger 4 pt
UT: Maddie Ard 17/20 onn attacks 2 kills
UT: Danielle Howard 12/14 on attacks 5 kills
UT: Lauren Shinn 9/11 on attacks 4 kills



Riverton def. Colony Crest 25-13, 21-25, 25-10