SEK Sports fans with the new school year set to start we look forward to covering the amazing student-athletes we have here in Southeast Kansas.

This begs the question of what schools we cover. This has changed over time and everyone has a different idea of what Southeast Kansas consist of. We have decided on what our coverage area consists of and we will work to cover them all to the best of our ability.

We will start with the obvious, the Southeast Kansas League which consists of the following schools:

Labette County HS
Chanute HS
Coffeyville-Field Kindley
Fort Scott HS
Independence HS
Parsons HS
Pittsburg HS

The next entire league we will cover, which takes us to the most southeastern point of the SEK, is the CNC League consisting of the following schools:

Baxter Springs HS
Columbus HS
Frontenac HS
Galena HS
Girard HS
St. Mary’s Colgan HS
Riverton HS

The third entire league is the Tri-Valley League and it stretches to our western border consisting of the following schools:

Caney Valley HS
Cherryvale HS
Erie HS
Eureka HS
Fredonia HS
Humboldt HS
Bluestem HS
Neodesha HS

The fourth and final league which we will cover in its entirety is our largest in number and distance between schools is the Three Rivers League consisting of the following schools:

3 Rivers
Northeast HS
Altoona Midway HS
Southeast HS
Chetopa HS
Crest HS
Marmaton Valley HS
Jayhawk Linn HS
Oswego HS
Pleasanton HS
St. Paul HS
Uniontown HS
Yates Center HS

Now we will look at schools that fall into our footprint but we will not cover their entire league. Many of the schools have been a part of the above leagues in the past. This list contains the following schools:

Burlington HS
Anderson County HS
Iola HS
Prairie View HS
South Central Border
Burden-Central HS
Cedar Vale HS/Dexter HS
West Elk HS
Flinthills HS
Sedan HS
Lyon County
Hartford HS
Lebo HS
Southern Coffey County HS
Madison HS
Olpe HS
Waverly HS
Flint Hills
Central Heights

We believe that the 50 schools fit into our mission and vision for SEK Sports. These schools and their student-athletes deserve to be covered and we will do our best to accomplish that with the help of coaches, athletic directors, fans, parents, and the athletes themselves. 

If we happen to miss something please feel free to contact us. We look forward to an exciting 2022-23 school year and can’t wait to see what is accomplished.