With apologies to the cross country athletes and coaches. We know how much you look forward to our list. We will have an updated post on Friday before Regional Saturday. If there is a mistake or you belong on the list, have your coach email us at seksports@gmail.com

Top 20

Josie Walter Crest 19:59.0
Anna Cantrell Labette County 20:32.0
Campbell Odell Fredonia 20:49.0
Kinsey Baldwin Parsons 20:55.0
Lily Brown St. Mary’s Colgan 21:03.0
Polona Kalan St. Mary’s Colgan 21:07.0
Gracyn Bracken Fredonia 21:23.0
Breanna Ross Erie 21:25.9
Jocelyn Fess Fort Scott 21:32.0
Johannah Walker Girard 21:50.0
Macie Moore Chanute 21:51.0
Peyton Schmidt Crest 22:08.0
McKenna Jones Humboldt 22:14.0
Emilie Zylstra Labette County 22:42.0
Bethany Barger Labette County 22:44.0
Jaden Loercher Fort Scott 22:45.0
Cynthia Cazares Jayhawk Linn 22:49.0
Leyna Ortega St. Mary’s Colgan 22:52.0
Marissa Batcheler Jayhawk Linn 22:53.0
Claire Stevens Girard 23:00.0

2nd 20

Aubrie Meyer Labette County 23:11.0
Aubrey Allen Crest 23:14.0
Gianna Costantini St. Mary’s Colgan 23:16.0
Carsen Allen Fort Scott 23:24.0
Kayleigh Williams Oswego 23:26.5
Merly Lara St. Mary’s Colgan 23:27.0
Madeline Batcheler Jayhawk Linn 23:32.0
Mia Jubber Girard 23:41.0
Kaylee Eberhart Labette County 23:46.0
Lilly Westhoff Fort Scott 23:47.0
Mimi Fleming St. Mary’s Colgan 23:53.0
Audrey Smith Fredonia 23:54.0
Audrey  Jacobs SE 23:54.0
Isabel Clevenger Labette County 23:56.0
Shaelyn Nibarger Labette County 24:03.0
Nevaeh Jones Labette County 24:04.0
Jarynn Hockett Chanute 24:16.0
Violet Stich Chanute 24:24.0
Mesa Casper Fort Scott 24:30.0
Ava Glover St. Mary’s Colgan 24:39.0

Honorable Mention

Adison Randall Jayhawk Linn 24:43.0
Mackenzie Crapson Chanute 24:58.0
Kilynn  Banke SE 25:00.0
Abby Stephenson Chanute 25:06.0
Annabelle Gorman Fort Scott 25:07.0
Tori Melendez Humboldt 25:17.0
Ashton Altman Erie 25:21.1
Aspen Foster Labette County 25:30.0
Gia Schneider Jayhawk Linn 25:31.0
Anna Heisler Humboldt 25:40.0
Kyree Puckett Crest 25:41.0
Kaytee Blumer Oswego 25:46.7
Chloe Guymon SE 25:49.0
Kaitlyn Williams Oswego 25:49.0
Kassidy  Fox SE 25:51.0
Carsyn Haviland Humboldt 26:07.0
Sandra  Robinson SE 26:09.0
Lainee Nicholes Girard 26:11.0
Kaylen MaCatee Girard 26:48.0
Abby Strickland Oswego 26:49.5