For about four solid generations Chanute didn’t have much to worry about when it came to the placekicker position. From names like Andrew Parish to the likes of A.J. LaRocca, Chanute was solid for about a whole decade when it came to franchise kickers. However, Chanute has lacked depth as well as duration when it came to this position. They began electing to go for two and rotating in other player in as well in 2015. Then, Jacob Adams came to save the day. The days of uncertainty were over; the days of having security were born, and possibly to stay for three years.

Adams came and showed out in his first game of the season against rival Iola: scoring five extra-points and a field goal. This showing was a new light for the Blue Comets. Showing not only that they once again had a leg on their team but one they trusted well. Coach Shields even says he’d “be comfortable from 40 yards out”, meaning that if they’re in that range and can’t punch it in, he has the confidence and trust in him to put Adams on the field. Adams doesn’t only kick for the team as he also has had some fun being tasked with some defensive assignments on JV. Adams also excels off the field, he shows a near perfect grade point average.

Here are some of the things we learned about Jacob when speaking to him:


Name: Jacob Adams.

Class: Sophomore.

Height: 5-8.

Weight: 165.

Position: Kicker.

Long, In-Practice Field Goal: 40.

Long, In-game Field Goal: 35.

GPA: 3.87.

Favorite Band/Musician: No Preference (“All sorts of music”).

Favorite Professional Athlete: Lionel Messi.

Favorite NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs.

Favorite College Sports Team: Kansas Jayhawks.

X-box or PlayStation: PlayStation.

Twitter or Facebook: Neither.

Plans for the future: Attend a Juco for two years; transfer to K-State to study Engineering (plans to play football if possible).