Photo by Sheri Scimeca MontgomeryPhoto by Sheri Scimeca Montgomery

Before the first whistle blows and the Friday night lights illuminate the gridiron, it’s time to peer into our crystal ball and make some bold predictions for the upcoming high school football district championships and playoff contenders. The anticipation is palpable, and fans are eager to see which teams will rise to the occasion in Class 3A, Class 2A, and Class 1A. Here are our preseason forecasts:

Class 3A

District 1

As we look ahead to the District 1 battles in Class 3A, we see Baxter Springs and Parsons both kicking off the season with impressive 3-0 records in our crystal ball. However, we’re placing our bet on Parsons to clinch the district title. Joining them in the playoff fray will be Frontenac and Baxter Springs, who are also poised for a strong start to the season.

Predicted Champion: Parsons

Predicted Playoff Teams: Frontenac, Baxter Springs, Columbus

District 2

In District 2, we foresee Girard seizing the crown. While it’s a closely contested district, Girard’s 2-1 preseason record suggests they have the edge. Keep an eye out for Iola, Burlington, and Prairie View, as they aim to secure playoff spots.

Predicted Champion: Girard

Predicted Playoff Teams: Iola, Burlington, Prairie View

Class 2A

District 1

Turning our attention to Class 2A District 1, the preseason vibes favor Riverton. With a promising 2-1 record, Riverton appears to be the team to beat. Caney Valley, Cherryvale, and Fredonia are also strong contenders, and they’re expected to make a compelling push for playoff positions.

Predicted Champion: Riverton

Predicted Playoff Teams: Caney, Cherryvale, Fredonia

District 2

In District 2, we predict that Humboldt will emerge as the district champion. Their flawless 3-0 preseason record underscores their potential. Council Grove, Osage City, and West Franklin are formidable opponents and will compete fiercely for playoff berths.

Predicted Champion: Humboldt

Predicted Playoff Teams: Council Grove, Osage City, West Franklin

Class 1A

District 1

As we gaze into the crystal ball in Class 1A District 1, Pittsburg-St. Mary’s Colgan stands out as the team to beat. Their preseason record of 3-0 indicates a strong start. Meanwhile, Erie, Northeast, and Uniontown are expected to contend for playoff slots.

Predicted Champion: Colgan

Predicted Playoff Teams: Erie, Northeast, Uniontown

District 2

In District 2, Olpe takes the spotlight as our predicted champion. The competition is fierce, but Olpe’s talent shines through. All four teams from this district are expected to advance to the playoffs, setting the stage for an exciting postseason.

Predicted Champion: Olpe

Predicted Playoff Teams: All

District 6

Lastly, in Class 1A District 6, we foresee Marion emerging as the district champion. Their preseason performance has been noteworthy, and they are likely to continue their winning ways. Belle Plaine, Sedgwick, and Whitewater-Remington will vie for playoff seeds, promising an intense battle.

Predicted Champion: Marion

Predicted Playoff Teams: All

As the countdown to kickoff continues, these preseason predictions add to the excitement surrounding high school football. While the final outcome is yet to be determined, one thing is certain: this season promises thrilling contests, fierce rivalries, and unforgettable moments under the Friday night lights. Stay tuned for updates as the action unfolds!