• Name: Caitlyn Foltz
  • School: Anderson County Jr/Sr High School
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Year in school: 12
  • Previous athletic accomplishments (awards, records, etc.): Second team all pioneer league, first team all pioneer league, all-state honorable mention 2x, rebound leader in Kansas 2x, War on 54 tournament first team 2x

On the Field:

  • What’s your biggest strength as an athlete? What are you working on improving? My biggest strength as an athlete is working well with my teammates. I understand my role within the team dynamic which greatly contributes to achieving success as a team. There is always room for improvement and I am looking to improve on my skills and techniques. Mastering particular moves and perfecting techniques are fundamental to help me excel as an athlete. 
  • Do you have any athletic role models? Who and why? My athletic role model is my sister. Growing up, I remember going to all of her games and admiring her. She always pushed herself to be better and helped push me to be better as I got older. 
  • What’s your pre-game ritual? My pre-game ritual always starts with listening to fun music. Whether that is the riff-offs from pitch perfect or disney music from my favorite movies. Something that helps me relax and have fun before going to play. 
  • Describe your most memorable athletic moment: a victory, a challenge overcome, a moment of teamwork. Some of my fondest memories with my teammates so far are making it to the substate championship twice. Another memorable moment is making 11 three-pointers in one game and most recently our team winning the mid-season tournament. 

Off the Field:

  • What are your biggest challenges in balancing athletics with academics and other activities? The biggest challenge in balancing athletics with academics and other activities is time management. Balancing practices and games with academic assignments and studying can be a challenge. It requires effective time management skills to make enough time for both athletics and academics without neglecting other activities. 
  • How do you stay motivated in the off-season? Setting a new goal for myself helps me stay motivated during the off-season. Wanting to improve on specific skills and having something to strive for helps keep me focused.  
  • What are your hobbies and interests outside of sports? Outside of sports I enjoy weightlifting, reading, watching KU basketball games, and spending time with my family. 
  • What are your future athletic or academic goals? My future athletic and academic goals are to continue playing basketball at Fort Scott Community College and begin my studies for a career in the medical field. 
  • What advice would you give to younger athletes just starting out? Pursuing many different sports helps gain experience in staying mentally tough. No matter what sport you are playing there will be many ups and downs but staying positive and continuing to push yourself will lead to success in the end. 

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite pump-up song or pre-game meal? My favorite pump up song is any song by Rihanna and my pre-game meal is a subway sandwich and cookie before every game.
  • What is your favorite thing about being a student-athlete in Southeast Kansas? I enjoy playing with my friends from surrounding schools during the off-season and competing against them in our high school season. 
  • Hidden talent or surprising facts about yourself? I used to show goats in 4-H and won the grand champion meat goat at the county fair twice. I also love baking and have a homemade chocolate cupcake recipe that everybody asks for and loves. 
  • Tell us about a teammate or coach who has greatly impacted you. I’ve had a lot of great coaches but Coach J and Coach Shumard have always supported me. Coach J continually pushes me to better myself and helps me practice different moves to improve my technique and skill. Coach Shumard always believed in me and helped me believe in myself. These coaches made me the player I am today.