Jaden Gard Senior , Erie Red Devils

I have had the pleasure of watching Jaden play football and basketball over the last few years. He is a passionate leader . You can tell he wants to win badly. He wants the ball in his hands . Gard is not a ball hog . He just wants to put the team on his back when they need it. I think he strives when that opportunity comes about.

Positions – Quarterback and strong safety

What are your goals this season ? I want to finish the regular season over .500 then from there win a couple playoff games.

Erie makes the playoffs IF? Erie football has had a tough time with commitment. Such as wanting to come to practice and work hard every day . If we can keep everyone on board and focused we could definitely make the playoffs with ease.

What makes you a great player? I think my increase in leadership over the years has helped me become a better player overall. I started at quarterback my freshman year so needless to say I wasn’t much of a leader. I also think my toughness makes me a better player. I’ve never been the type of player to give in and I could never be that type of player.

What is your favorite thing about playing football?  The atmosphere. There is just no feeling that could compare to when you step under the lights. That’s what makes football so special. I’m going to have a tough time stepping away from it.

What is the best part of playing for the Erie coaches? My assistant coaches have varied throughout the years but coach Hudson has been with me all four years. He has helped me so much to become a better quarterback. He is probably the goofiest man I’ve ever met but a genuinely kind person. I’ve been blessed to be coached by him.

Who are your role models? My dad, he was a great football player in high school and he’s been really supportive throughout my four years .

What are your plans after high school? I am still exploring my options in athletics but I am planning on going to KU to major in sports management .

Favorite thing when not playing football? I like to play pickup basketball. Also watching basketball or football and playing fortnite.

What is your best memory playing for the Red Devils? Starting my freshman year at quarterback against Humboldt in districts. I threw my first touchdown and we won. We then went on to beat Arma to advance to the playoffs. I’ve started ever since.

What is your best football highlight individually ? Throwing a near perfect pass to my former receiver for  70 yards against Caney.

Do you have any pregame rituals or something you do to prepare for a game? Usually listen to music and drink a ton of water.



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