Player Profile: Kash Parmes

When you see Kash Parmes on a Friday night he is usually the most talented player on the field .  The young man can run with power and speed better than most of his competition.  I have even seen him throw a beautiful ball for a 50 yard touchdown this season .He plays in the Tri-Valley league at Eureka high school. Kash’s team has only won two games in the last 2 seasons but that doesn’t stop him from going out there and putting on a show for everyone watching.

Positions played – Running back and defensive end plus some quarterback

Years as a starter – 3

Twitter, Facebook , or Snapchat – twitter – @kparmes  and snapchat – kash_thug

Song that gets me pumped up – you would be solo  , Future

Favorite moment on the football field – when I run someone over or stiff arm someone and get to see them on the ground . I just love the game .

Plans after high school – I plan on going to Franklin Pierce University to play football

Favorite thing other than football – play basketball with friends

Siblings –  Two brothers – Tre Parmes and Deallen Nelson

Something people don’t know about you – I am from Dallas , Texas and I moved to Eureka when I was 8 .

What do love about about football – I love to win even though that doesn’t happen a lot in Eureka .

Something funny about your coaches – The sarcasm we have towards each other about what positions they coach .


Thanks Kash Parmes and good luck the rest of the season and with your future endeavors!