As the high school football season gears up, fans of the 8-Player and 6-Player divisions eagerly await the exciting matchups that will define district champions and playoff contenders. In Division I of the Class 8-Player category, we have District 1 and District 2, and in Division II, we’ll be focusing on District 1. Additionally, we’ll explore the thrilling 6-Player division in District 1. Let’s dive into our preseason predictions:

Class 8-Player – Division I

District 1

In Division I, District 1 promises to be a competitive battleground. West Elk, with a strong 2-1 preseason record, is our pick for the district champion. Sedan and Flint Hills are also poised to make their mark and secure playoff spots.

Predicted Champion: West Elk

Predicted Playoff Teams: Sedan, Flint Hills

District 2

Meanwhile, in District 2, the preseason action has been fierce. Lyndon stands out as our predicted champion, with a perfect 3-0 record. Burlingame, Madison, and Chase County are expected to provide stiff competition, setting the stage for an intriguing playoff race.

Predicted Champion: Lyndon

Predicted Playoff Teams: Burlingame, Madison, Chase County

District 3

District 3 features an impressive lineup of teams that have shown their potential during the preseason. Among these contenders, Central emerges as our preseason favorite to claim the district championship. With a perfect 3-0 record leading up to the regular season, Central has showcased their prowess on the field.

Predicted Champion: Central

Predicted Playoff Teams: Attica/Argonia, Oxford, South Sumner

Class 8-Player – Division II

District 1

In Division II, District 1 is ready to showcase its talent. Crest is our preseason favorite to clinch the district title with a 2-1 record. Lebo, Marmaton Valley, and St. Paul are expected to join Crest in the playoffs, ensuring a highly competitive postseason.

Predicted Champion: Crest

Predicted Playoff Teams: Lebo, Marmaton Valley, St. Paul

6 Player

District 1

The 6-Player division in District 1 is set to offer a unique brand of football. Waverly, with an impressive 4-0 preseason record, is our prediction for the district champion. However, all teams in this district will advance to the playoffs, ensuring an exciting postseason filled with intense matchups.

Predicted Champion: Waverly

Predicted Playoff Teams: All

As the countdown to kickoff continues, these predictions add to the anticipation surrounding high school football. While the final outcomes will only be determined on the field, one thing is for sure: fans of 8-Player and 6-Player football can expect thrilling contests, incredible plays, and unforgettable moments this season. Stay tuned for updates as the action unfolds, and let’s see which teams will rise to the occasion under the Friday night lights!