We have completed our tour of the SEK-Sports.com coverage area and their football fields.

Once again a BIG thank you going out to Kenny Elrod for making the trip to all but 3 stadiums. It wasn’t until it was recommended in our “SEK-Sports.com Visitor Feedback Survey” that we create a graphic to showcase our coverage area and where each school is did I realize JUST HOW DAUNTING of a travel it was for Kenny.

We are excited to begin covering 59 schools in 7 leagues.

A challenge? Perhaps. One though that we are eager to take down.

Next week we release our coaches poll for the SCBL, Lyon Co., Pioneer, Tri-Valley, Three Rivers, SEK, and CNC Leagues.

Instead of making our readers and visitors wait, we want you to get in on the action NOW.

Vote for the league you follow, vote for all the leagues.

Due to the way districts are once again, some leagues are not having a champion. So we instead ask “Who will finish with the most wins in 2019” in their respective league.

Welcome to the start of the 2019-2020 sports season coverage of SEK-Sports.com.