Lucas Field. Home of the Labette County Grizzlies. This is where I played football from 2002-2004 under head coach Craig Hartman. It is home to one of the biggest rivalries in Southeast Kansas with the Grizzlies against the Parsons Vikings. The series hasn’t seemed like much of a rivalry as of late, but both programs are in good hands and should provide for some good match-up’s, should they fall back into the same classification one day.

One of the most notable features of Lucas Field is that it has a train track running right along side the north of the stadium entrance. While rare, it is not uncommon for a train to interrupt a Friday night game.

The press box was replaces years ago, however one of the distinguished features of the facility is the food stand that welcomes visitors every football season, but has for many generations now for those who grew up and were raised in the Altamont school system including community ice cream socials.

One thing that I think still stands out about the field is just how solid the ground becomes towards the end of the football season. It’s not from colder temperatures, but from the use of not only Friday night football, but JV action as well as elementary school football. By middle of October the dirty packed and the grass is worn. There’s no doubt football has been played on there.

Lucas Field is one of the true “old school” gem’s in an age that features turf, big scoreboards and modern seating.

(Photo by Kenny Elrod)