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When you first read about Gavin Hooper on paper, you get the sense of him being an average high school senior, enjoying his last year of high school and high school athletics. However, when you look back on his accomplishments in the classroom, on the playing field and court, and his schedule during the summer and after school and activities, he’s above and beyond “just an average high school senior.”

Hooper beyond high school sports, who said that they are pretty much his life especially basketball, enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with activities such as bowhunting and fishing.

Hooper has been a fan of sports for as long as he can remember. He even joked during our interview, “I think my parents had me in sports from the time I could walk.”

Hooper is active in football, basketball, baseball as well as track. At the age of 15 he was selected to play in the Babe Ruth Classic. He was one of 32 kids across the state selected.

Some of his honors and accolades for football so far include All-Area Honorable Mention for Wide Receiver, 2nd Team Defensive selection, Special Teams Honorable Mention for Punter, All Tri-Valley League Honorable Mention Wide Receiver, All District Honorable Mention Wide Receiver and Punter. In basketball last year he was selected as All Tri-Valley League Honorable Mention.

While he enjoys playing all sports, basketball is where his heart is. “Around middle school, I knew I wanted to play basketball in college.”

When school is not in session you can find Hooper helping his “papa” and the small town of Thayer, KS in mowing, weed eating, as well as on the farm with bailing hay and odds and ends that they need doing.

Hooper gives back to future Chargers by umpiring little league baseball during the summer as well as a referee for youth football and basketball.

Academically he is the Cherryvale STUCO student body president as well as ranked #1 in his class academically and a member of National Honor Society.

We had the chance to catch up with Mr. Hooper recently as a part of our “Senior Showcase” feature.
 It’s your final year of high school. What are your favorite memories during that time and what are your expectations for your senior year?

Gavin Hooper: Most, if not all of the memories I have in high school so far have been spent with my friends. Whether we were playing wiffle ball, late night sonic runs, backyard football, basketball, or just cruising around town.

One of the memories that I remember most was my junior year of football, we had to go to Belle Plaine, which was about 2 or more hours away. On our way back we had a tire blow out and we had to sit at a gas station for 45 minutes waiting on another bus. Plus we lost, so it just made it way worse.

Hoping to not repeat that experience my senior year. Some expectations are making it far into the playoffs in football, going to state in basketball, and getting to the playoffs in baseball. I also hope to sign somewhere to play basketball during my senior season. Another main goal is to stay on top of my academics and finish out as Valedictorian.

SEKS: What are some of your interests and hobbies away from school?

GH: In my free time I like watching sports, playing pickup ball with friends, playing madden, and hanging with the boys. My family and I are very close and I enjoy spending time with them and family game nights!

SEKS: Who is your favorite athlete? Favorite sports team? Favorite music group/singer?

GH: Favorite athlete is a tie between Lebron James and Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs or the KU Jayhawks (basketball) are my favorite teams. Dababy or Drake are my favorite singers.

SEKS: Who are the people that you look up too (role models)?

GH: I look up to my parents because they work hard every day and push me to be my best.

SEKS: What are your plans after graduating?

GH: After graduating, my dreams and goals are to play basketball at the next level and go to school for engineering.

SEKS: Finally, what is a fun fact about you that people may, or may not know?

GH: Wherever Lebron goes, I go.

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