The Jayhawk spirit is soaring high at Jayhawk Linn High School as the cross country team, known as the Jayhawk Linn Jayhawks, prepares for an action-packed season in the Three Rivers League. Under the experienced guidance of Head Coach Shayla Long, the Jayhawks are set to continue their legacy of excellence. With seven years of coaching experience, Coach Long has been a driving force behind the team’s growth and success.

Last year, the Jayhawk Linn Jayhawks’ cross country team delivered an impressive performance. The girls’ team secured the title of Regional Runners-Up, while standout male athlete Dakota Wallace earned a qualification for the state championship. Both the girls’ and boys’ Jayhawk teams achieved the title of League Runners-Up, showcasing their exceptional dedication and skill.

However, the upcoming season presents some challenges as the team bids farewell to key graduated players. Notably, Cynthia Cazares, Marissa Batcheler, Madeline Batcheler, and Gia Schneider, who were integral to the team’s success, have moved on. Another notable departure is Dakota Wallace, who made his mark as a senior boy state qualifier.

With three returning lettermen, the Jayhawk Linn Cross Country Jayhawks’ foundation remains robust. Among the returning athletes, Dillon Champlin stands out. Falling just one place short of a state qualification last year for the second consecutive time, Champlin’s determination is evident. He also secured an impressive fourth place in the league. On the girls’ side, Brylee Doleshal and Adison Randall wrapped up the previous season on a high note, showcasing their potential and determination.

As the team enters the new season, there’s excitement about the potential impact of newcomers Simon Shillito and Louis Shillito. Their addition to the Jayhawk Linn Cross Country Jayhawks is anticipated to bring fresh energy and contribute to the team’s growth.

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, the Jayhawk Linn boys’ Cross Country Jayhawks hold promise, fueled by the infusion of new talent and several determined freshmen. Coach Long envisions a strong finish for the Jayhawks and hopes to see them excel as the season unfolds. Despite not fielding a girls’ team this year, the expectations remain high for Brylee Doleshal and Adison Randall. Despite an injury setback, Randall’s resilience is expected to shine through, and both Jayhawks are expected to put up a strong fight.

Jayhawk Linn’s cross country program has a history of producing talented individuals who continue to shine even after high school. Notable alumni include Kate Dawson, who is making her mark at Pittsburg State, and Henry Jones, representing Emporia State.

As the season kicks off, the Jayhawk Linn Cross Country Jayhawks are poised to embrace challenges, celebrate victories, and continue their legacy of excellence in the Three Rivers League.

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