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We’re excited to offer you three different types of partnerships that can help our site grow while supporting more coverage of your local SEK schools. Read on to learn more about our Booster Club, Business Partner, and Title Sponsor packages.

Booster Club

Our Booster Club package is perfect for Individuals and small businesses that want to show their support for local sports teams coverage. This is similar to your school’s booster club and consists of 3 different levels.

Business Partner

Our Business Partner package is designed for businesses that want to take their partnership with SEK Sports to the next level. This is an expanded advertisement for your business and consists of 3 different levels.

Title Sponsor

Our Title Sponsor package is our most comprehensive partnership opportunity and is customizable.

No matter which package you choose, you’ll be making a difference in the coverage of local student-athletes while promoting your business to a captive audience of sports fans.

To learn more about each package and to sign up, click here for more info.

Thank you for considering a partnership with SEK Sports!