Team Page Additions

As we begin a new year of coverage here at, we felt it might be a good idea to highlight some of the changes we’ve made to our team pages.

In case you are new to the site, team pages can be accessed by going to the league of your choice in the menu, selecting either Football or Basketball, and on the league sport page you’ll find the link to the team page of your choice.

We have 37 individual team pages that include overall and league records, head coach, Twitter handle and results. This is for football as well as boys and girls basketball teams.

Aside from the sponsors placement (which we always welcome! Contact to learn more), all team pages are identical in layout. For this article we will use the Chanute Blue Comets football page as the example to help you better understand and use our site:

  1. Records, Head Coach, Twitter – This is where we have listed the team’s overall, league and if necessary district record. As well as who the current head coach is and link to their Twitter account.
  2. Broadcasting (NEW!) – We have added the listing to each school that has a media company broadcasting their games. This includes on the radio, link to their listen live online if available as well as link to any live video streaming. You can always find the complete list of Southeast Kansas broadcasts here.
  3. Previous Results (NEW!) – We have included previous results that we have covered. We do not have anything beyond 2017 at this point, but are working to add more years. This is list will grow as our coverage continues.
  4. Local Sponsors (NEW!) – With more visitors comes more space needed. Thanks to local sponsors we can continue to provide coverage to more visitors without any service interruptions.
  5. Schedule – Here you will find the schedule for your team, opponent, home or away and the result of the game.
  6. Newsfeed – We have included an algothrim so that any article on our site that features a particular team will show up on their news feed. This will help you keep track of your team in a simpler fashion. The feed is narrowed to the particular sport, so only football team articles show up on the football team page. You’ll notice the numbers at the bottom of the list. That is so you can dig deeper into our archieve of previous articles of your team.
  7. Latest Posts – This will feature the latest posts on It will not be exclusive to any team or league. So if you want to see what the latest posting is without searching look for this sidebar. 

We hope you find this quick tutorial useful. If you have any questions or issues about the team pages, league pages or the site in general please e-mail 

Thank you for visiting!