‘The Golden Boot’ Comes in Clutch in Chanute’s OT Win Over Riverton

Chanute battled the Riverton Rams on Thursday, gaining a 2-1, double overtime victory. Jacob Adams clutched up to score the winning goal in sudden death.

The Comets were playing without many key players. Adrian Becannon and Peyton Babcock were both out with the cross country team, and Vittorio Kwek went out early in the game with a hip injury. Kwek is expected to return for Tuesday’s game at Pittsburg.

“We were down Adrian and Peyton. We were also down, Vittorio was injured. So we were down some men but we stilled played” Adams had to say about their lack of players.

The 1st half was tightly contested until Jay Brown score in the 36th minute to put the Blue Comets up 1-0. In the last minute of the half, Riverton would get on the scoreboard. Defense dominated the second half as no one could score. Regulation time ended with the game tied at 1 a peice. They would play through a 10 minute overtime without anyone scoring.  Then 4 minutes into the second overtime Adams would knock in the game winner.

“He’s the golden boot.” That’s what coach Adam Wilcox had to say about Adams’s performance.