The Chanute Blue Comets soccer team defeated the Columbus Titans 5-0, on Thursday. Chanute was led by Jacob Adams’s second hat trick of the season and goals from Andrea Cuin and Jay Brown.

The game started out slow for both teams, but in the 23rd minute, Adams knocked in his first goal putting Chanute up 1-0 and causing their pace to pick up. Then in the 36th minute Cuin scored her first goal of the season on a terrific put-back off of Columbus’s goalkeeper. Four minutes into the second half, Adams made his second goal and in the 55th minute he drilled in his 3rd and final goal of the game. In the 68th minute Brown powered in a long goal to put the Blue Comets up 5-0.

“It’s nice. I felt confidence to score and get goals. I’m sure there were two or three, maybe four more out there for him, once he got three I pulled him off and he sat for close to 30 minutes of the second half.” Chanute head coach, Adam Wilcox on Adams’s hat trick.

Without a doubt the Comets saw the best play of the season out of their bench players in this game. They also saw the worst play all season out of their defensive back four.

“Our subs played our best. We didn’t play super well, like we came down from where we were against Coffeyville, which was our best game of the year. It wasn’t that we weren’t taking them seriously, it’s just some days you’re on and some you’re off. Good teams figure out how to win when you’re off and that’s what we did. The first 30 minutes we didn’t look great. Our back four, individually and as a unit, didn’t play super well today and that has been our strength all season, our back four has been strong as a unit and as individuals all year. It seemed like all of them, including Ramsey off the bench, our back four and two main subs just had off days.” Coach Wilcox on the play he got from the subs and the back four.

Chanute’s schedule for the rest of the year is tough to say the least, they have three games left against three teams that have already defeated them this season.

“We need to work the ball faster, which we do really well in spurts, but we need to do it for a whole game. It’s usually or good players, Jacob, Muy, and Adrian, they keep the ball a touch or two too long. Once we get that figured out, Coffeyville is good but if we play great and they play bad can we beat them? Yeah. If we don’t play anything but our best will we beat them? I don’t know, some teams are just better. Indy beat us before 2-1, Pitt 3-0, I think if we play well and we improved since we played them, we can beat both of them.” Coach Wilcox’s take on the remainder of their inaugural season.